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Manhwa Monday: Scanlation wars reach manhwa?

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! This week, a fannish battle that has been raging in the manga blogosphere for ages may be ready to brew amongst manhwa fans, thanks to fan frustration and some unpleasant statistics.

First, from the fannish side, manhwa summarizer Comic Seoul has had enough of readers requesting links to scanlations. It’s a worthy rant, pointing out that even the detailed summaries posted there violate copyright law.

Manhwa Monday: Anticipating 12 Creators

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! A bit of recent news comes from the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, where British publisher Fanfare/Potent Mon debuted Korea As Viewed By 12 Creators, their long-awaited follow-up to 2006’s Japan As Viewed By 17 Creators. The book’s official PR describes it as, “Twelve insightful short graphic stories into the ‘Hermit […]

Manhwa Monday: Quick Stop

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that I just finished moving, so this week’s column will just be a quick overview of some recent reviews.

This week’s featured review comes from Erica Friedman at Okazu as she talks about volume five of Youngran Lee’s Click (NETCOMICS).

It’s been both entertaining and informative to watch Erica make her way through this series, but this review is undoubtedly my favorite, mainly due to her ability to effectively describe the story using rice crispy treats as a metaphor.

Manhwa Monday: May Preview

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! As May begins, let’s take a look at what’s on the way from our favorite manhwa publishers this month!

First off, Udon Entertainment offers up the fourth in their Korean artbook series, Apple, scheduled for release on May 11th, according to Amazon.

Yen Press has an impressive lineup for May, with new volumes of sunjeong series Legend, Sarasah

Manhwa Monday: March in October

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday!

The big news this week comes by way of ANN, who reported on Tuesday that Simon & Schuster lists an October release date for March Story, a series created by Korean manhwa-ga Kyung-Il Yang and Hyung-min Kim for the Japanese magazine Monthly Sunday GX, to be published here by Viz Media.

Manhwa Monday: Spring Slump

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! It’s been a quiet week for manhwa, with just a couple of series stealing most of the focus from reviewers.

I’ll lead off with a review of my own, featuring YoungHee Lee’s You’re So Cool, complete in six volumes from Yen Press. This review is also my first guest spot at Brigid Alverson’s MangaBlog, which is quite an honor for me.

You’re So Cool is a series that benefits greatly from being read straight-through, particularly in its first half. Though its heroine is spunky and adorable from the start, the romantic premise is so problematic, it would be easy to abandon just two volumes in. “Fortunately, midway through the series’ third volume, Lee forgets that she’s writing a hopelessly clichéd, emotionally-backwards romance and gets caught up in the real heart of the story: how people (especially families) shape each other, for better or worse.”

Manhwa Monday: Go West!

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! I type this column from my sickbed, where I’m feeling weary and, frankly, old as I realize that to me, that title is a Marx Brothers reference, but to the rest of you… probably not.

On to the topic at hand: as if answering a call from the depths of my heart, Manga Critic Kate Dacey recently visited the “Korean Comics: A Society Through Small Frames” exhibit at the San Francisco Public Library and wrote up a detailed report in her blog, including footnotes and suggested reading.

Manhwa Monday: April Preview

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday!

Before we get into April releases, the big news last week was DramaQueen’s shipment of The Summit (Vol. 1) by Young Hee Lee (You’re So Cool). Brigid Alverson has the full scoop at Robot 6. The real news is not the release date (which was announced mid-March) but the fact that those who pre-ordered have actually received books, an event that no one could have confidently predicted based on DramaQueen’s recent history.

Manhwa Monday: Late Edition

It’s a hectic Manhwa Monday today at Manga Bookshelf, but we’re squeaking in at the last minute!

With the manga/manhwa blogosphere still riding out the aftershocks of the most recent debate on scanlations (or “scanslations,” depending on who you talk to) it’s refreshing to see some fans still sharing untranslated material the old fashioned way.

A reader recently pointed me towards this journal from user sohan, who is sharing summaries and translated (text-only) exerpts of the unlicensed manhwa series Nabi by Kim Yeon-joo (not to be confused with Tokyopop’s Nabi: The Prototype, a collection of one-shots).

Manhwa Monday: East Coast Blues

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! First, an apology. I’ve been horribly remiss. Though fellow manhwa fan, Eva Volin, alerted me at least two weeks ago about an upcoming exhibition on manhwa at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library, I failed to report it here.

Though the exhibit continues through June 13th, it’s already too late to attend one of its accompanying lectures which took place on March 17th. Fortunately, reader Sara K. attended and was kind enough to write out her recollections of the event in a comment to last week’s post. Many thanks to Sara for sharing her report!

Manhwa Monday: At the Movies!

Greetings on another Manhwa Monday! First, a bit of news I picked up from Variety, NETCOMICS will be producing a film version of the manhwa series X Diary by Toma. According to the article, casting will begin in June of this year (with filming beginning in October). The film is being produced by NETCOMICS’ VP Soyoung Jung.

Manhwa Monday: March Releases II

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday!

As an update to last week’s discussion of March releases, let’s talk a bit further about NETCOMICS. Michelle Smith pointed out this week on Twitter that all of NETCOMICS’ scheduled chapter updates for March are for its current manhwa series, including The Adventures of Young Det, Full House, Small-Minded Schoolgirls, and Please, Please Me. New chapters for each of these series will be debuting each week.

Manhwa Monday: March Releases

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! I’ll get to the reviews in a moment, but first let’s take a look at some of this month’s upcoming releases. It’s all Yen Press this month (at least in print) but they are giving us plenty to look forward to. In March, we’ll see new volumes of Angel Diary, Very! Very! Sweet, Raiders, You’re So Cool, The Antique Gift Shop, and Time and Again.

Manhwa Monday: Welcome, Sunyool!

With just a handful of reviews to report this week, the big buzz among manhwa fans online is a new series from NETCOMICS, There’s Something About Soonyul by Youngran Lee, author of Click. Though Click has some fairly questionable qualities, a quick read through the three available chapters of Soonyul shows quite a bit of promise.

Manhwa Monday: Lazy Holiday

Welcome to Manhwa Monday! It’s a lazy day over here at the Beasi household, but thankfully there’s always enough energy to talk about manhwa.

Today’s featured review comes from Emerian Rich at dashPunk, discussing Yeon-Joo Kim’s Nabi the Prototype (Tokyopop, 2007). Posted specifically for yesterday’s holiday, Emerian explains, “When we think of Valentine’s day, we often think of poetry, so for today’s post, I thought I’d bring you a book of poetry themed comics. “This short review contains a sample from the book to whet the appetite, explaining also the potential difficulty for readers who may not connect easily with the book’s poetic style. “I’d recommend this book for anyone who likes to look beyond the obvious and experience love stories truly unique.” Check out the review for more!