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Manga Bookshelf Privacy Policy

Manga Bookshelf may receive, record, and store the following information about its visitors:

  • IP address
  • Host name and location
  • Browser, OS, and hardware information

Manga Bookshelf will also gather and record information that you may submit when commenting on the site or using the site’s contact form, including name, website, and e-mail address. Access to this information is limited to site administrators only. Statistical information may be shared with third parties at any time. Personally identifying information will never be shared, unless required by law. Manga Bookshelf is not responsible for any personal information voluntarily disclosed in public comments.

Manga Bookshelf may occasionally host contests and giveaways for readers. Any personal information disclosed for the purposes of shipping prizes will be discarded after use.

Cookies may be used by Manga Bookshelf and its network of blogs for the purpose of saving your comment preferences. Manga Bookshelf may also display ads from third parties, including Project Wonderful and Amazon. Both Manga Bookshelf and advertising third parties may use cookies to collect non-identifying information such as referral pages, entry and exit pages, visit length, and search terms.

Manga Bookshelf may update or change this policy at any time, without notice.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us.

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