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  • As is standard in the publishing industry, publishers regularly submit books for review by Manga Bookshelf writers. It should be assumed that this is the case with most current releases reviewed by Manga Bookshelf staff and contributors. Older releases and full series were most likely purchased by staff at their own expense, or borrowed from their public library.
  • Melinda Beasi is currently under contract with Digital Manga Publishing’s Digital Manga Guild, as necessitated for her ongoing report Inside the DMG. Any compensation earned by Melinda in her role as an editor with the DMG will be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Juné, 801 Media, DokiDoki and Digital Manga Guild are all imprints produced by Digital Manga Publishing or their parent company, Digital Manga, Inc.


  • Manga Bookshelf’s bloggers, columnists, and contributors are independent writers who may hold strong opinions on a variety of topics. The opinions and ideas expressed by these writers are not necessarily those of Manga Bookshelf.

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