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Orange Junk, Vol. 1

Creator: Heldrad Publisher: Chromatic Press ISBN: 9781987988031 Released: July 2015 Orange Junk, created by Mexican artist (and architecture student) Heldrad, is an ongoing comic series strongly influenced by shoujo manga. The series had its beginnings back in 2010 and eventually became one of the most well-loved comics hosted online at Inkblazers (previously known as Manga […]

The Manga Revue: The Demon Prince of Momochi House

I’m hitting the road for a brief vacation this weekend, so this week’s column is more of a drive-by than a full-on review. On the menu: The Demon Prince of Momochi House, a supernatural rom-com that recently joined VIZ’s Shojo Beat line-up. The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 1 By Aya Shouoto Rated T, […]

So Cute it Hurts!! Vol. 2

My biggest complaint with the first volume of So Cute it Hurts!! was that I thought it focused a bit too much on boy twin Mitsuru’s adventures cross-dressing as a girl, without as much character development or action for his sister Megumu pretending to be her brother at a school largely populated by juvenile delinquents. […]

Manga the Week of 8/5

SEAN: As the thermometer creeps towards triple digits, we can turn only to manga for comfort. Luckily, there’s a pile of it next week. I think I mentioned this title before, as it’s gotten moved back a few times, but Bruno Gmuender has a new gay manga volume coming out, Dr. Makumakuran and Other Stories. […]

Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, Books 1-4 by Deborah Crombie

Like Elizabeth George, Deborah Crombie is an American writing about Scotland Yard detectives in England. Her works come recommended by a friend who knows and shares my taste in mysteries, and now that I’ve been overtaken by a powerful urge for a mystery binge, I am finally checking them out. There are presently sixteen books […]

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, Vol. 1

By Nami Sano. Released in Japan as “Sakamoto Desu Ga?” by Enterbrain, serialization ongoing in the magazine hertz. Released in North America by Seven Seas. I’ve been waiting for this series for a long time, and it’s been worth the wait. This may be surprising, given that on the surface, the title seems like a […]

Otakon News, Manga Reigns Triumphant, and More

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! I rounded up most of the new manga license announcements from Anime Expo and Comic-Con International at the Barnes and Noble blog; here’s the latest from Otakon: Kodansha Comics Queen Emeraldas, by Leiji Matsumoto Complex Age, by Yui Sakuma Forget Me Not, by Nao Emoto Viz Goodnight PunPun, […]

Giveaway: Sparkler Monthly Giveaway

The end of July quickly approaches, as does the end of the Sparkler Monthly: Year 3 Kickstarter. The campaign hasn’t quite reached its goal yet, but I desperately want it to succeed. With that in mind, hoping to draw more attention to the project, this month’s giveaway will be a little different than usual. I […]

Log Horizon: The Knights of Camelot

By Mamare Touno and Kazuhiro Hara. Released in Japan by Enterbrain. Released in North America by Yen On. This second volume of Log Horizon improves on the first, doubling down on its world-building and showing us what it would be like to have to set up an entire governing body from scratch, particularly when there’s […]

Pick of the Week: A Broad Spectrum

The team took a look at this week’s new manga and ended up in a tie between two titles that are very different types.