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About Katherine Dacey

Katherine Dacey has been reviewing manga since 2006, when she joined PopCultureShock. Over the next two years, she worked with webmaster Jon Haehnle and fellow contributor Erin Finnegan to transform Erin’s “Manga Recon” concept from a bi-monthly column into a full-fledged website covering manga, anime, and Japanese pop culture. She stepped down from her post in January 2009. Kate’s resume also includes serving as a panelist at the American Library Association's national conference, New York Comic-Con, and Wondercon; contributing to Chopsticks, a “comprehensive guide to Japanese culture in New York City”; and contributing to the School Library Journal’s Good Comics for Kids blog, where she writes Good Manga for Kids, a column that focuses on manga for pre-teen readers. When she isn’t writing about manga, Kate swings a golf club, plays the oboe, runs long distances, watches old movies, and frolicks with her dog Grendel. Kate lives in Boston, MA.

Attack on Titan Boosts US Manga Market

Over at Publisher’s Weekly, Deb Aoki files a lengthy report on the state of manga publishing. The good news: Attack on Titan has attracted thousands of new readers to manga, just as Naruto did ten years ago. As a result, manga publishers across the industry are reporting stronger sales for 2014 and licensing more titles […]

One Piece Fever

The One Piece Podcast interviewed Japanese fans about their relationship with Eiichiro Oda’s long-running series. The result: a lively documentary about one of the world’s most popular comic book franchises. Over at Manga Therapy, Tony Yao reflects on the important role that editors play in shaping your favorite manga series. Melinda Beasi sings the praises […]

Tezuka Takes Center Stage

If you like Osamu Tezuka and Ludwig van Beethoven — and really, who doesn’t like both? — you’ll be thrilled to hear that Tezuka’s Ludwig B. is being adapted for the stage. Now if only someone would license the manga… The seventh volume of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin tops this week’s New York Times […]

Kodansha, CLAMP and NYCC Links

On Sunday, Kodansha revealed that it would be publishing CLAMP’s Tsubasa: WoRLD CHRoNiCLE and Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral. Also in the queue for 2015 are Inuyashiki by Hiroya Oya (Gantz) and L♥DK by Ayu Watanabe (Kimi ga Suki). Publisher’s Weekly is reporting that Vertical, Inc. has created a separate imprint for its growing […]

Yen Press Rescues Emma

Exciting news! Kurt Hassler announced that Yen Press will be re-issuing Kaoru Mori’s Emma, which was previously published by CMX Manga. The new edition will be released in five hardcover omnibus editions, making it perfect for libraries, collectors, and folks who missed this awesome Victorian melodrama the first time around. Yen also announced a number of […]

Ghoulish Licensing News from VIZ

Breaking news from New York Comic-Con: VIZ Media has licensed two new series, both of which will debut in June 2015. The first, Tokyo Ghoul, focuses on a college student who unwittingly receives an organ transplant from a demon. The second, So Cute It Hurts!!, is pure shojo fodder: fraternal twins Mitsuru and Megumu swap identities […]

The Manga Lover’s Guide to NYCC 2014

Whether you’re planning to attend New York Comic-Con or just want to stay abreast of licensing news, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a master list of panels and exhibitors for those of you who are NYC-bound. Not headed to the Big Apple? We’ll be filing periodic updates throughout the show to let you know […]

The End of Naruto is Nigh!

Say it isn’t so: Masashi Kishimoto’s phenomenally popular Naruto will conclude its fifteen-year run on November 10th. In conjunction with his appearance at NYCC, Death Note artist Takeshi Obata will be signing books at two Manhattan bookstores: Kinokuniya (October 10th) and the Tribeca Barnes & Noble (October 11th). Seven Seas unveiled three new fantasy and […]

Watch This Space!

If you’ve been a long-time MangaBlog reader, you may have noticed that posts have been a little sporadic lately. Brigid and I have teamed up to ensure that the blog is updated on a more regular basis. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing a few new features. For those of you who read MangaBlog […]

Bookshelf Briefs 11/5/12

This week, Michelle, Sean, Kate, & Melinda look at recent releases from VIZ Media, Yen Press, and Vertical, Inc. Bleach, Vols. 50-51 | By Tite Kubo | VIZ Media – The interminable Hueco Mundo arc finally came to an end in 48 with Ichigo losing his soul reaper powers and bidding farewell to Rukia and […]

Manga the Week of 11/7

SEAN: Hello, and welcome to Manga The Week Of: Expanded Version! We liked chattering about JManga so much that we decided to let it carry over into my regular feature. So pull up a chair, sit back, it’s the first week of the month, so Midtown’s list is… tiny. Oh dear, they’re doing it again. […]

Strobe Edge, Vol. 1

One of the most maddening aspects of shojo manga is that it can take 100 or 200 pages for a character to realize what she’s feeling, and another 200 or 300 before she actually tells someone; only the British period drama wrings more tension from its characters’ inability to say what they’re thinking. Strobe Edge, […]

Pick of the Week: Halloween!

With Halloween quickly approaching (and a decided lack of new manga to choose from this week), it’s time once again for the Battle Robot to make their picks for the occasion! What’s your favorite spooky manga?

JManga The Week Of 11/1

SEAN: Welcome to a new feature here at Manga Bookshelf, which for want of a better title will be called JManga The Week Of. As you might guess, it is similar to my Manga the Week of posts, in that we break down what’s coming out next week from JManga (and possibly other e-publishers if […]

Bookshelf Briefs 10/22/12

This week, Sean, Kate, Melinda, and Michelle look at recent releases from Kodansha Comics, VIZ Media, Yen Press, and Vertical, Inc., including the latest volumes of Cage of Eden, Fairy Tail, Pandora Hearts, and more!