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Kaze Hikaru Vol 22 and Happy Marriage?! Vol 7

Kaze Hikaru Volume 22 by Taeko Watanabe So much of Kaze Hikaru deals with repressing emotions, since Sei has disguised herself as a boy in order to join the Shinsengumi and Soji has agreed to keep her secret. While Sei and Soji are clearly in love with each other, there’s a long way to go […]

The Princess of Tennis

Author: Jamie Lynn Lano Publisher: Jamie Lynn Lano ISBN: 9781499797527 Released: July 2014 The Princess of Tennis: The True Story of Working As a Mangaka’s Assistant in Japan by Jamie Lynn Lano is just that–a memoir written by someone fortunate enough to live the dream of so many aspiring artists. Very few non-Japanese creators have […]

Manga the Week of 8/20

SEAN: There’s a little something for everyone in the third week of August, so let’s see what demographics we can scrounge up. First off, it’s not out in bookstores yet, but Fantagraphics has shipped its 7th volume of Wandering Son to its Kickstarter backers. It’s still a must-read for anyone who likes good manga about […]

Oh My Goddess!, Vol. 46

By Kosuke Fujishima. Released in Japan by Kodansha, serialized in the magazine Afternoon. Released in North America by Dark Horse. Since my last review of Oh My Goddess back in December, the manga has finally ended in Japan after 26 years, and will be 48 volumes total. For those who were reading this entire arc […]

Before You Go

Creator: Denise Schroeder Publisher: Chromatic Press Released: May 2014 Original release: March 2014 Before You Go is a short, thirty-three paged comic written and illustrated by Denise Schroeder. Originally published in the March 2014 issue of Chromatic Press’ online multimedia magazine Sparkler Monthly (which, by the way, is marvelous), a small print run of Before […]

Black Rose Alice, Vol. 1

By Setona Mizushiro. Released in Japan by Akita Shoten, serialized in the magazine Princess. Released in North America by Viz. I’m usually quite fond of series that try to get by on pure mood, even if the plot is not one that reaches out and grabs me. This odd shoujo series definitely falls into that […]

My Week in Manga: August 4-August 10, 2014

My News and Reviews There were two reviews at Experiments in Manga last week in addition to the announcement of the Mecha Manga Giveaway Winner, which also includes a list of some of the mecha manga that has been licensed in English at one point or another. (Considering how many have been released in English, […]

Pick of the Week: Loveless! And other stuff.

If you ever wondered who writes the PotW headlines, wonder no more! Though there’s a decent amount of new manga shipping this week, and several picks chosen by the Battle Robot, one title dominates our editor’s mind. Fortunately, she’s not alone.

Kokoro Connect, Vol. 1

By Sadanatsu Anda and CUTEG. Released in Japan by Enterbrain, serialized in the magazine Famitsu Comic Clear. Released in North America by Seven Seas. Generally speaking, if you’re going to be releasing a manga series based on a light novel that stars a group of high school students in a strange club, you’d better have […]

My Love Story Giveaway!

I have an extra copy of My Love Story, so I thought I would do a giveaway! Just leave a comment here telling me what your favorite love story is, and I’ll randomly pick a winner next Sunday. US residents only please.