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Between the Sheets

Creator: Erica Sakurazawa U.S. publisher: Tokyopop ISBN: 9781591823230 Released: May 2003 Original release: 1996 Between 2003 and 2004, Tokyopop published six manga by Erica Sakurazawa, some of the very first josei manga to be released in English. More than a decade later josei has still yet to establish a firm foothold in North America, though […]

Manga the Week of 9/17

SEAN: Given the beginning and end of September have far more manga than is really sensible, it makes sense that there are also weeks where very little comes out. This is one of those weeks. Guidebooks are quite popular in Japan, but have never sold well in North America for some reason. Kodansha hopes that […]

Phantom Thief Jeanne, Vol. 4

By Arina Tanemura. Released in Japan as “Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne” by Shueisha, serialized in the magazine Ribon. Released in North America by Viz. Before I get started, I want to note that I remain immensely pleased with this series. It has a lot of what magical girl series should have, a nice sense of humor […]

Boogiepop and Others

Author: Kouhei Kadono Illustrator: Kouji Ogata U.S. publisher: Seven Seas ISBN: 9781933164168 Released: January 2006 Original release: 1998 Awards: Dengeki Novel Prize Boogiepop and Others is the first volume in a series of light novels written by Kouhei Kadono and illustrated by Kouji Ogata. The novel was originally released in Japan in 1998 after winning […]

Gangsta, Vol. 3

Gangsta Volume 3 by Kohske I continue to thoroughly enjoy this seinen title set in a world where two men with a brotherly bond make money doing odd jobs for the mafia, in a world where genetically enhanced humans are both fearsome soldiers and a disrespected underclass. I thought after reading volume 2 and getting […]

One Piece, Vol. 72

By Eiichiro Oda. Released in Japan by Shueisha, serialization ongoing in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. Released in North America by Viz. When I reviewed the last volume, I said that there was a bit too much going on for me to get a handle on all of it, and that goes double for this […]

Pick of the Week: Legal Drug & More

It’s a solid week, certainly, for fans of new manga, but the Battle Robot narrows in a few choice titles, including the long-awaited re-release of CLAMP’s Legal Drug. What looks good to you this week?

Bookshelf Briefs 9/8/14

Sean and Michelle look at recent releases from Viz Media and Vertical, Inc. Cage of Eden, Vol. 15 | By Yoshinobu Yamada | Kodansha Comics – Romance is not really one of the main reasons to read Cage of Eden, but it’s been clear from the beginning that Akira and Rion love each other, and […]

My Week in Manga: September 1-September 7, 2014

My News and Reviews There were three posts of note at Experiments in Manga last week in addition to the usual My Week in Manga feature. First of all, the winner of the Nana manga giveaway has been announced. The post also includes a short list of manga that people gave a second chance only […]

Otome Game Review: Love Letter from Thief X

Love Letter from Thief x is availabe on Android and iPhone. I played a few Otome games a year ago, and I’m playing a couple again. Perhaps there is something about fall that makes me want to play Otome games. Before I move on to the games I am currently playing (spoiler alert! there might […]