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A Certain Seven Seas License; Aya Kanno Coming to TCAF

Seven Seas announced yesterday that it has licensed A Certain Scientific Accelerator, one of the many manga spinoffs of the light novel series A Certain Magical Index (which has been licensed by Yen Press). Aya Kanno, creator of Otomen, Blank Slate, and Requiem of the Rose King, will be a guest at the Toronto Comic […]

Manga the Week of 4/1

SEAN: No, this isn’t an April Fool, there’s actually quite a lot of manga out this week (not technically a ‘first week of the month’ as it’s the 1st – if that makes sense). Another era passes, as Dark Horse puts out the final volume of Blade of the Immortal, about which I’m sure Ash […]

Captain Ken, Vols. 1-2

By Osamu Tezuka. Released in Japan by Shogakukan, serialized in the magazine Shonen Sunday. Released in North America by Digital Manga Publishing. Say what you will about Osamu Tezuka, he certainly knows how to write for his specified audience. This doesn’t dumb anything down, but it is absolutely 100% for boys around 7-12 years old, […]

Manga Giveaway: Yukarism Giveaway

While February seemed to last forever, March felt like it sped by pretty quickly—it’s already time for the next manga giveaway at Experiments in Manga! (Part of the reason it seems to have arrived so soon is that this is one of the earliest days possible for a giveaway to start in any given month.) […]

Pick of the Week: Abundance

It’s a fairly epic week for new manga, including quite a number of continuing/ending favorites and a slew of debut volumes for the Battle Robot to choose from. What looks good to you this week?

Bookshelf Briefs 3/24/15

This week, Sean and Michelle look at recent releases from Seven Seas, Vertical Comics, Kodansha Comics, and Viz Media. Alice in the Country of Joker: Nightmare Trilogy, Vol. 3 | By QuinRose and Job | Seven Seas – I’ve criticized this particular spinoff before, for what I consider subpar art and for its tendency to […]

Oh My Goddess!, Vol. 47

By Kosuke Fujishima. Released in Japan by Kodansha, serialized in the magazine Afternoon. Released in North America by Dark Horse. The final volume is not going to have much time for this, so it’s very fitting that this penultimate one is devoted to the greatest love affair in the entire series. No, not K1 and […]

My Week in Manga: March 16-March 22, 2015

My News and Reviews Two more reviews were posted at Experiments in Manga last week. Only one was of a manga, but the other book does include illustrations! I’m a little behind in reviewing the series, but I finally wrote up my impressions of Fumi Yoshinaga’s What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 6. (Just in […]

Requiem of the Rose King, Vol. 1

Requiem of the Rose King, Vol. 1 by Aya Kanno I really admire the way Kanno moves from genre to genre, coming up with unique stories each time, at least with her series that have been translated into English. Blank Slate and Otomen are utterly unlike each other, and now with Requiem of the Rose […]

Master Keaton, Vol. 2

By Naoki Urasawa, Hokusei Katsushika, and Takashi Nagasaki. Released in Japan by Shogakukan, serialized in the magazine Big Comic Original. Released in North America by Viz Media. This is another solid volume of Master Keaton, with a bit more attention paid to the mysteries and a bit less to the leading man this time around. […]