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My Week in Manga: October 6-October 12, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week Experiments in Manga saw the introduction of a new feature–Adaptation Adventures. Basically, the feature is intended to explore and compare different versions of the same story, which I think should be an interesting approach. I specifically had things in mind like the Parasyte anime adaptation that recently began airing  […]

NYCC 2014 – Day 4

The final day of New York Comic Con had the fewest amount of panels I was going to, as usual, but was not without interest, particularly after I did some more room camping and ended up seeing panels I would not otherwise have seen. The first ended up being a Doctor Who panel – I […]

NYCC 2014 – Day 3

Saturday was a day fairly light on manga, but that doesn’t mean there was not a great deal of things to experience at this third day of the con – and the busiest in terms of sheer bodies. I began with Tom Cook, an animator who worked with Filmation in the 1980s, who was discussing […]

NYCC 2014 – Day 2

Friday was another busy, busy day. To be honest, there are no more light days anymore, now that this is an official Day 2. It began with the Crunchyroll anime panel (they have a manga one later). They rolled out cute chibi-art of the staff, along with the fan mascot, chosen from a contest. Then […]

Yen Press Rescues Emma

Exciting news! Kurt Hassler announced that Yen Press will be re-issuing Kaoru Mori’s Emma, which was previously published by CMX Manga. The new edition will be released in five hardcover omnibus editions, making it perfect for libraries, collectors, and folks who missed this awesome Victorian melodrama the first time around. Yen also announced a number of […]

Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love, Vol. 4

Creator: Yaya Sakuragi U.S. publisher: Viz Media ISBN: 9781421552354 Released: May 2013 Original release: 2011 Ever since reading and enjoying Yaya Sakuragi’s Hey, Sensei?, I’ve made a point to follow her work as it’s translated into English. Sakuragi’s boys’ love manga tends to make very heavy use of the genre’s tropes, but generally with a […]

NYCC 2014 – Day 1

This is the first Thursday that’s been a real, honest-to-god full convention day, with all that is entailed. It’s traditionally the lightest day, but at NYCC that’s only a matter of degree. The place was jammed, from start to finish. This ended up being one of my busiest panel days, mostly as I was worried […]

Ghoulish Licensing News from VIZ

Breaking news from New York Comic-Con: VIZ Media has licensed two new series, both of which will debut in June 2015. The first, Tokyo Ghoul, focuses on a college student who unwittingly receives an organ transplant from a demon. The second, So Cute It Hurts!!, is pure shojo fodder: fraternal twins Mitsuru and Megumu swap identities […]

Manga the Week of 10/15

SEAN: With only ten new volumes, this is the lightest week of the month. Let’s all enjoy it. First off, one I missed from last week, mostly as Amazon just announced they were shipping it early a few days ago. The second Whispered Words omnibus, containing Vols. 4-6, is out this week. If you like […]

Adaptation Adventures: Udon Entertainment’s Manga Classics

One day long ago when I was still very small my parents brought home for me a box filled with Great Illustrated Classics–small, compact adaptations of classic literature with illustrations on almost every other page intended to introduce younger readers to some of the great, influential stories of the Western canon. I devoured them. It’s […]