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Pick of the Week: Orange Crush

Cute shoujo is what attracts the team this week, from both Seven Seas and Yen Press.

My Week in Manga: January 18-January 24, 2016

My News and Reviews Two in-depth reviews were posted at Experiments in Manga last week. The first was of The Fall of Language in the Age of English by Minae Mizumura, a fascinating and immensely readable work of nonfiction about literature and language. (Mizumura’s A True Novel also greatly impressed me, so at this point […]

January Releases and Why We Like One-Punch Man

What’s new in January? I did a quick roundup of this month’s new manga releases, which include the one-shot Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, as well as new volumes of One-Punch Man, Blue Exorcist, The Demon Prince of Momochi House, and My Neighbor Seki. [Barnes and Noble Sci-Fi/Fantasy Blog] There’s a bumper […]

Mahou Josei Chimaka

Creator: KaiJu Publisher: Chromatic Press ISBN: 9781987988017 Released: December 2015 Original run: 2014-2015 Mahou Josei Chimaka, or Magical Woman Chimaka, is the second long-form comic by KaiJu, a creative team made up of Kate Rhodes and Jennifer Xu, that I’ve had the opportunity to read. The three-chapter comic was originally serialized online in Sparkler Monthly […]

Strike the Blood, Vol. 2

By Gakuto Mikumo and Manyako. Released in Japan by ASCII Mediaworks. Released in North America by Yen Press. I’d mentioned in my review of the first volume that Strike the Blood reads like a series that was written in anticipation of being made into an anime. Having now completed the second volume, I’ll go a […]

Manga the Week of 1/27

SEAN: It’s time to bury you in manga releases once more, folks. What do the companies have up their sleeves? ASH: All right, let’s do this! Kodansha has the 12th and penultimate volume of My Little Monster. I can’t believe it’s ending so soon. MICHELLE: I know! Thankfully, Say I Love You. is still ongoing. […]

The Fall of Language in the Age of English

Author: Minae Mizumura Translator: Mari Yoshihara and Juliet Winters Carpenter U.S. publisher: Columbia University Press ISBN: 9780231163026 Released: January 2015 Original release: 2008 Awards: Kobayashi Hideo Award Currently, only two major works by Minae Mizumura have been translated into English. The first, and one of the best works of literature that I’ve read in recent […]

My Monster Secret, Vol. 1

By Eiji Masuba. Released in Japan as “Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa” by Akita Shoten, serialization ongoing in the magazine Weekly Shonen Champion. Released in North America by Seven Seas. I’ve been a little wary of the recent influx in “monster girl” manga, even though I do enjoy several of the titles. It can be a […]

Requiem of the Rose King, Vol 3

Requiem of the Rose King Volume 3 by Aya Kanno This manga just keeps getting better and better as Kanno adds even more royal intrigue to her unique story of Richard III and the Wars of the Roses. The second volume closed with Richard embodying a demonic spirit of vengeance when he discovered that his […]

Pick of the Week: Teenage Kicks

The pain of adolescence is what the Manga Bookshelf team is interested in this week. How about you?