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Vinland Saga, Vol. 4

Creator: Makoto Yukimura U.S. publisher: Kodansha ISBN: 9781612624235 Released: July 2014 Original release: 2009 Awards: Japan Media Arts Award, Kodansha Manga Award Makoto Yukimura’s award-winning Vinland Saga has quickly become one of the manga releases that I most look forward to each time a new volume is published every few months. The series is thoroughly […]

The Twelve Kingdoms, Vol. 4: Skies of Dawn

Author: Fuyumi Ono Illustrator: Akihiro Yamada Translator: Alexander O. Smith U.S. Publisher: Tokyopop ISBN: 9781427802606 Released: November 2010 Original release: 1994 Skies of Dawn is the fourth and sadly final volume of Fuyumi Ono’s eight-volume fantasy novel series The Twelve Kingdoms, illustrated by Akihiro Yamada, to have been released in English. Published in Japan in […]

Manga the Week of 8/13

SEAN: If there was a quiet week in August, next week would be it, with a mere nine titles. Dark Horse has the 2nd of its Samurai Executioner omnibii, for those who can’t get enough of samurai, manliness, and manly samurai. ASH: Surprisingly enough, I haven’t actually read any of Samurai Executioner. This would probably […]

D-Frag!, Vol. 1

By Tomoya Haruno. Released in Japan by Media Factory, serialization ongoing in the magazine Comic Alive. Released in North America by Seven Seas. An action manga can get away with a chapter or two with no fighting. A romance manga relies on there being little to no resolution for volumes at a time. But a […]

Food Wars, Vol 1

Food Wars Volume 1 by Yuto Tsukudo and Shun Saeki This is a potentially engaging battle style foodie manga that I found myself having a difficult time getting into due to the copious amounts of fan service. I do realize that in shonen manga, one has to expect some boobs and miniskirts, just as one […]

Manga Giveaway: Mecha Manga Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the Mecha Manga Giveaway is…Elliot! As the winner, Elliot will be receiving a copy of Mohiro Kito’s Bokurano: Ours, Volume 1. For some reason, I never think I’m going to enjoy mecha manga, but then I do. And so, as part of this giveaway, I was interested in learning what mecha […]

Comic-Con Hangover

I’m back from San Diego, which was great, as always. I covered a ton of panels for CBR, where I am a contributing writer, and I got to be one of the folks who went up on stage when that site won the Eisner Award for best comics journalism, which was pretty damn awesome. Aside […]

Bookshelf Briefs 8/5/14

This week, Sean and Michelle look at recent releases from Viz Media, Kodansha Comics, and Yen Press. Kaze Hikaru, Vol. 22 | By Taeko Watanabe | Viz Media – The yearly installment of Kaze Hikaru is here! In this volume, Sei and Okita have made peace with their feelings of love for each other—basically, they […]

Pick of the Week: Black Rose Alice & more!

It’s an exceptional week (in an exceptional month, to hear Sean tell it), and there’s plenty for the Battle Robot to look forward to. Betcha can’t read just one! What looks good to you this week?

Blood Lad, Vol. 5

By Yuuki Kodama. Released in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten, serialization ongoing in the magazine Young Ace. Released in North America by Yen Press. I said last time that it was the small character moments that were the best in Blood Lad, and that’s still true. But it can’t be denied, the main plot has become […]