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The Summit of the Gods, Vol. 5

Author: Baku Yumemakura Illustrator: Jiro Taniguchi U.S. publisher: Fanfare/Ponent Mon ISBN: 9788492444403 Released: July 2015 Original release: 2003 Awards: Angoulême Prize, Japan Media Arts Award Baku Yumemakura’s novel The Summit of the Gods (which, sadly, hasn’t been translated into English) was published in Japan in 1998 and would go on to win the Shibata Renzaburo […]

The Manga Revue: Ultraman

Ultraman made his television debut in 1966, defending Earth from the dual scourge of aliens and giant monsters. What began as a 39-episode series soon blossomed into one of Japan’s most prolific franchises, yielding dozens of sequels, spin-offs, movies, video games–and now a manga, which has been running in Monthly Hero’s magazine since 2011. Today’s column […]

Manga the Week of 8/26

SEAN: For a last week of the month, there’s a lot of stuff due out, particularly from Kodansha Comics. The 16th Attack on Titan comes in a regular edition, and also a Special Edition with a set of AoT-themed playing cards. ASH: It’ll be interesting to see how the special edition does for Kodansha. SEAN: […]

Kiss of the Rose Princess, Vol. 5

Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 5 by Aya Shouto I find myself enjoying this series more and more, mostly because with each new volume my suspension of disbelief grows, and I just kick back and enjoy the ridiculousness of this reverse harem fantasy manga. This volume did a good job balancing out which knights […]

Black Bullet: Those Who Would Be Gods

By Shiden Kanzaki and Saki Ukai. Released in Japan by ASCII Mediaworks. Released in North America by Yen Press. One of the more difficult things about reading modern Japanese manga and light novels is a certain tendency to follow what’s popular and throw things in that appeal to a certain audience – even if they […]

The Science of Attack on Titan

Author: Rikao Yanagita Illustrator: Maru Fujishima Translator: Ko Ransom U.S. publisher: Kodansha ISBN: 9781632361851 Released: June 2015 Original release: 2014 Hajime Isayama’s ongoing manga series Attack on Titan has become a worldwide phenomenon, spawning multiple spinoff manga series, anime, live-action films, games, and other media and merchandise. The franchise has been such a resounding success […]

Random Musings: Five Years of Experiments in Manga

As of today, Experiments in Manga is now five years old! In some ways it feels like I’ve been writing here forever, and in other ways it seems like I’ve just started. When I first began Experiments in Manga, I had no idea how long it was going to last (honestly, I still don’t know), […]

Pick of the Week: Big Week, Small Picks

There’s a giant pile of manga this week, most of it from Yen Press. But is any of it going to excite our team? Well, yes, as it turns out.

Bookshelf Briefs 8/17/15

Sean and Michelle weigh in on some recent releases from Seven Seas and VIZ Media. Black Rose Alice, Vol. 5 | By Setona Mizushiro | VIZ Media – I’m an unabashed shoujo fanatic, but even I must admit that, when it comes to romance, one can usually predict how a story is going to end. […]

My Week in Manga: August 10-August 16, 2015

My News and Reviews Last week was a two-review week at Experiments in Manga. Both reviews were of manga and, more specifically, both reviews were of shoujo manga. First up was the first omnibus of Hiro Fujiwara’s Maid-sama!. The series was originally licensed by Tokyopop, which released the first eight volumes, but the manga was […]