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Yun Kouga MMF: Final Link Roundup

We’ve come to the end of the Yun Kouga Manga Moveable Feast! Though participation was undeniably low, we’re excited about the contributions that were made to the Feast. Here’s a roundup from the past few days: I weighed in with a new 3 Things Thursday, in which I picked out three (ish) of my favorite […]

Off the Shelf, MMF Edition: Loveless

Warning: This column contains SPOILERS for all volumes of Yun Kouga’s Loveless currently available in English. MELINDA: Hello readers! As you know, Manga Bookshelf is currently hosting the Manga Moveable Feast, a monthly virtual book club in which the manga blogosphere comes together to discuss a single manga, topic, or mangaka. This month’s Feast features […]

Loveless Vols. 1 and 2

I’ve had the first omnibus of Loveless for a fair amount of time. I tried reading it once when I was a bit distracted and put it aside after a few pages. The Yun Kouga manga moveable feast was the perfect opportunity to give this series a second try, and I’m glad I did. Some […]

3 Things Thursday: Kouga’s Women

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any significant amount of time, you’ll know that I gravitate towards female writers—a tendency I wasn’t even fully aware of myself until the moment I realized that nearly all of the series that made my personal top ten list a couple of years ago had been […]

Yun Kouga MMF: Link Roundup 1

The Yun Kouga Manga Moveable Feast is underway! Things have begun slowly, but here’s a quick rundown of contributions to the Feast so far: I kicked things off on Sunday with an Introduction to Yun Kouga, including descriptions of all her series currently available in English and an ode to her gorgeously messy characterization and […]

Crown of Love: Hey Jealousy

“This is jealousy. This is… anger.” From the pages of josei magazine Comic Crimson, Yun Kouga’s Crown of Love is a fairly unusual tale of teen romance—unusual in that, despite its characters’ ages, it begins as a tale of romantic obsession that resists romanticization. Published under Viz’s Shojo Beat imprint here in North America, Crown […]

Guest Contribution: A Letter to Yun Kouga

A Letter to Yun Kouga (written with love, respect, and bafflement.) Dear Kouga-sensei, Way back in 2006, I reviewed the first volume of your new series Loveless: Seimei, Aoyagi Ritsuka‚Äôs older brother, has been murdered. Ritsuka, who has been suffering from amnesia for two years, is left to live with his abusive and disturbed mother […]

MMF: Introduction to Yun Kouga

“I wonder, does that make me a pervert?” When one of Gestalt‘s dual protagonists, Ouri, asks this question in volume four, it’s impossible not to wonder if the series’ author is really talking about herself. And as a reader, it’s pretty difficult not to apply this to oneself as well, because if there is one […]

Yun Kouga MMF: Call for Participation

Welcome to July 2013, and the newest installment of the Manga Moveable Feast, the manga blogging community’s ongoing conversation about the medium we all love. Each month, a single series, creator, or topic is chosen for a week-long discussion across the entire community. This month’s feast will run from Sunday, July 14th through Saturday, the […]

Fanservice Friday: Lovesick over Loveless

By now I’m sure that every regular Manga Bookshelf reader is aware that I’ve fallen for Loveless, Yun Kouga’s supernatural fantasy series currently running in Ichijinsha’s Comic Zero Sum—a magazine known for action-heavy and often BL-tinged titles for female readers, like 07-Ghost, Saiyuki Reload, and the upcoming reboot of Wild Adapter. It’s notable that both […]