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My Week in Manga, Episode 6

After a week off, Melinda continues this her video feature with a look at what she’s reading this week, including a discussion of Yun Kouga’s Loveless.

This week’s manga:

Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 6 (VIZ Media)
The Heart of Thomas (Fantagraphics)
Loveless, Vol. 2 2-in-1 (VIZ Media)
The Flowers of Evil, Vol. 4 (Vertical, Inc.)
Claymore, Vol. 21 (VIZ Media)


BL Bookrack: The Heart of Thomas

Off the Shelf: Loveless, Puzzles, Infernal Devices

Edited by Melinda Beasi
Music (“Stickybee,” “20/20,” “Stars Collide,” & “Swansong”) by Josh Woodward

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  1. Huh. You’ve made me want to check out Loveless! I’d written it off before as an idtastic catboy BL tropefest (which I think is understandable based on the artwork!), but it sounds interesting!

    • I’d thought the same, until I finally read it for myself! All I really knew about it originally was that characters had cat ears (snore) and that there was an age-inappropriate relationship (one of my least favorite BL tropes), so I expected it to make me cringe. I doubt I would have even given it a shot if I hadn’t already liked the author. My discussion here was a bit rambling (I should have written out notes for myself, but I was pressed for time this week); I’m glad it was still persuasive! :)

  2. Eh I tried to like Loveless also while the videos themselves are good the format of the video I half expect Max Headroom to pop up and start extoling the virtures of new coke ( I kid)


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