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Recommendations for Yen Press Sale!

For those who don’t know, Right Stuf is having a 33% off sale on all Yen Press books. The sale ends tomorrow, so I thought I’d do my part and recommend some Yen Press titles I’ve enjoyed!

1001nights_2My top recommendation is for One Thousand and One Nights (further reviews/rambles to be found here, here, and here), a loose retelling of the original tales with Scheherazade (“Sehara” in this version) cast as male. Sehara’s tales are taken from a wide range of times and cultures (including modern-day) and though the story has a BL feel to it, similar to stories like Banana Fish, Wild Adapter, or Silver Diamond, it can’t actually be called BL, at least not as of volume seven. From my review of volumes 1-6:

One Thousand and One Nights is a beautiful, compelling series that is pleasurable both to read and to look at. With at least five more volumes coming, it has the potential to become a classic of its kind, as long as it continues with the same strength JinSeok and SeungHee have displayed so far.

nabarinoouSecondly, a new title, Nabari No Ou, the story of a boy reluctantly pulled into his ninja heritage. Though my PCS colleague Grant Goodman did not agree, both Danielle Leigh and I found a lot to love in Nabari No Ou. Notable as the only manga that’s ever made me even remotely interested in ninja (and further proof that my love for shonen manga simply will not die), I’ve become an immediate fan after just one volume. From my review:

Overall, Nabari No Ou is a funny, energetic, visually compelling, nicely dark shonen manga, and a surprising new favorite for me!

comic6Thirdly, Comic, the story of a high school girl who dreams of being a manhwa-ga, and her trials in career and romance. I’ve had some disappointment over how far into romance the story has gone while leaving behind the heroine’s career dreams, but I’m still plenty hooked on Alice and friends and I keep looking forward to future volumes. From my review:

With its energetic, attractive art and idiosyncratic characters, Comic has the potential to be both entertaining and romantic while also offering an enticing glimpse into the world of aspiring young manhwa artists. Hopefully over the next few chapters it can pull itself out of the romantic dregs and restore the balance that made its early volumes so much fun.

Here are a few other reviews of Yen Press books I’ve written over the past six months or so, some of which I’ve really liked, some less so. You’ll note, however, that even when I’ve had issues with a Yen Press book, I’ve never actually disliked one. It’s never hard for me to find something good to say.

11th Cat Special
13th Boy
GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class
Jack Frost
Pig Bride
Sumomomo, Momomo: The Strongest Bride on Earth

Also, a couple of recommended titles I’ve read but not yet reviewed: Goong and Nightschool.

As someone relatively new to manga/manhwa, I’ve read only a small fraction of Yen Press’ catalogue, so please feel free to list more recommendations in comments! Happy shopping! :D

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  1. Moon Boy and Angel Diary are pretty good, too. I have also enjoyed Higurashi – it was very suspenseful.

  2. I agree, I’ve never hated any Yen Press release, and love most of them.

    Other recs: Looks like Yotsuba&! 1-8 are available for pre-order; I’m really interested in Cirque du Freak (my brother loved the original series) and Forest of Gray City. Cat Paradise is a new license by the guy who did Chikyu Misaki; it’s a bit odd, but I like what I’ve seen.

    Finally, I second the 1001 Nights, Goong, & Angel Diary recs, and have to check out Nabari no Ou & Nightschool (I’ve heard so many good things). Whew!

  3. If you want something really different, check out their Chinese titles. Wild Animals is a tortured-youth kind of story set in the Cultural Revolution—the story is a bit hard to follow but the outlines come through and the art is really interesting. The History of the West Wing is a traditional love story that doesn’t go too deep, but the art is very pretty.

    I don’t know why they added Chinese titles to the mix, but it’s pretty cool to see them.

  4. Definitely Yotsuba&!.

    I’m also fond of With The Light. Yes, even though each volume is huge, I read through them so quickly.

    And I’m enjoying Maximum Ride too. I was a fan of the series before the manhwa, but the adaption also follows the story carefully with nice art (and great color pages).

  5. Yen Press is definitely pushing for an international catalog. Manhwa, Manga, OEL, and now Manhua. It’s only a matter of time before they start publishing BD (French comics). And then … Argentine and Brazillian comic book artists, get ready!

  6. Days later, I comment. Mwahaha… I second Moon Boy! >D It’s one of my fav titles from ICEKunion/Yen Press and probably the only that I’m obsessed on.


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