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Manga on the Big Screen: Love*Com, NANA, and Ping Pong

As anyone who’s seen Green Lantern or Captain America can attest, adapting a comic for the silver screen is an art, not a science. Done poorly, comic book movies alienate fans with the omission of favorite characters and glossing of seminal plotlines, or confuse newcomers with in-jokes and choppy storytelling. Done well, however, comic book […]

Love*Com, Volume 14

Guest Review: Love*Com, Vol. 14 By Aya Nakahara Published by VIZ Media Review by Deanna Gauthier Buy This Book In this volume, Risa and Otani’s relationship is once again under attack. To Risa’s horror, her own grandfather has hired a woman to seduce Otani and break them up. Even worse, Otani believes the sob story […]