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Manga the Week of 7/27

SEAN: You know the drill. Last week of the month, piles and piles of titles, let’s get right to it. Dark Horse gives us a 2nd volume of Dangan Ronpa: The Animation, whose awkward subtitle lets you know it’s based on that rather than the game. And they also have a 4th Oh My Goddess […]

Manga the Week of 7/20

SEAN: Sometimes I like to shake things up and do my list in reverse order, usually when a feature image would be right at the bottom of the list. This is one of those times. So let’s start with Yen On, which has four books out, one a debut, Re: ZERO ~Starting Life in Another […]

Adaptation Adventures: Mushishi

After revisiting and reviewing each volume of Yuki Urushibara’s Mushishi for my horror manga review project, by now it’s probably readily clear that I greatly enjoy the series. I love the influence of traditional Japanese folklore on the stories. I love the manga’s subtle creepinesss. I love the exploration of the relationship between humans and […]

My Week in Manga: July 4-July 10, 2016

My News and Reviews Okay! A couple of different although expected things were posted last week at Experiments in Manga in addition to the usual My Week in Manga feature. First up was the announcement of the Complex Age Giveaway Winner which also includes a list of manga which incorporates cosplay in one way or […]

Manga the Week of 7/13

SEAN: For a 2nd week of the month, there sure is a lot of stuff coming out. What have we got here? Dark horse has a 6th and final volume of the Oreimo spinoff Kuroneko. Is it a slightly less incestuous ending? (Actually, I think, unlike many harem spinoffs, it’s not an AU at all.) […]

My Week in Manga: June 27-July 3, 2016

My News and Reviews Last week was the end of one month and the beginning of another, which means it’s time for yet another manga giveaway at Experiments in Manga. There are still a couple of days left to enter for a chance to win Complex Age, Volume 1 by Yui Sakuma. As can probably […]

Manga the Week of 7/6

SEAN: July, another big month for manga, because there are no small months for manga anymore. What’ve we got for the first week, aside from a pile of Viz (though we’ll be getting to that as well)? Kodansha has the 6th volume of Devil Survivor. Is every manga title in Japan somehow based on Shin […]

Manga Giveaway: Complex Age Giveaway

While I’m currently following a more relaxed posting schedule at Experiments in Manga if there’s one thing that you’ll be able to count on it’s the monthly manga giveaway. And as it is now nearing the end of the June, it’s time for another one! This month you all have a chance to win a […]

My Week in Manga: June 20-June 26, 2016

My News and Reviews Not much news to report in regards to Experiments in Manga this past week, though I would like to take to the opportunity to thank everyone for the kind words, encouragement, and support as I work to find some life-work-blog-etc balance. (In case you missed it, I went into more detail […]

Manga the Week of 6/29

SEAN: The word for next week is “spinoff”, boys and girls. Can you say spinoff? I knew you could! OK, let’s try to plow through. Dark Horse first, as always. Astro Boy Omnibus 4. Everyone loves Astro Boy. Kodansha gives us the 2nd and final volume of Fairy Tail’s Gray-related spinoff (can you say that, […]

My Week in Manga: June 13-June 19, 2016

My News and Reviews Okay. So I don’t usually get very personal here at Experiments in Manga, but I feel it’s needed this time. Last week I had every intention of posting an in-depth review of Dawn, the first novel in Yoshino Tanaka’s renowned space opera Legend of the Galactic Heroes. But Thursday came along […]

Manga the Week of 6/22

SEAN: Third weeks of the month: almost like second weeks, but they seem different, mostly as Viz tends to put out its blogger-friendly titles here. What’s happening next week? Kodansha debuts a new seinen series that ran in Morning magazine, which means I am already well-disposed to it. Complex Age features a cosplay fanatic who […]

My Week in Manga: June 6-June 12, 2016

My News and Reviews Last week at Experiments in Manga I posted May’s Bookshelf Overload. Largely in part due to my trip to TCAF and the generosity of Kodansha Comics, I ended up with a lot of comics and manga to add to my shelves in May. I was actually out of the state traveling […]

Manga the Week of 6/15

SEAN: Ah, the 2nd week of the month, the most common week for the Manga Bookshelf team to look over the releases and think “Wow, am I picking Magi as Pick of the Week again?” MICHELLE: Heh. SEAN: Dark Horse has a 2nd volume of Fate/Zero, sure to give us many more heartwarming moments so […]