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My Week in Manga: October 27-November 2, 2014

My News and Reviews October is finally over, and I somehow managed to survive! I’ve been extremely busy at work which bled over into the rest of my life and has interfered with a lot of things that I would otherwise rather be doing. I’m really hoping that my stress levels and schedule settle down […]

Manga the Week of 11/5

SEAN: November does not have quite as many books as October, but that’s only due to Thanksgiving week providing a minor break. The other three weeks try harder to drown us in books. Dark Horse finishes off its Trigun re-release with the 5th Trigun Maximum omnibus, depriving me of additional attempts to mock Nightow’s art […]

Manga Giveaway: Sherlock Bones Giveaway

The end of October is fast approaching, which means it’s time for another manga giveaway at Experiments in Manga! I’m not entirely sure why, but my review of the first volume of Yuma Ando and Yuki Sato’s manga series Sherlock Bones is by far one of the most frequently visited posts at Experiments in Manga. […]

My Week in Manga: October 20-October 26, 2014

My News and Reviews I posted two reviews at Experiments in Manga last week. First up was my review of Baku Yumemakura and Jiro Taniguchi’s The Summit of the Gods, Volume 4. It’s the penultimate volume in one of my favorite manga series. It was also a particularly intense volume. The fifth and final book […]

Manga the Week of 10/29

SEAN: I think Yen Press has set a record for most volumes released in a single week. (At least for that publisher… I suspect Viz has it beat overall there.) Let’s start with what isn’t Yen, though. Blade of the Immortal is perilously close to finishing, and it also hits its 30th volume this week […]

My Week in Manga: October 13-October 19, 2014

My News and Reviews Only somewhat unintentionally, last week ended up being a yuri-filled week here at Experiments in Manga. My friend Jocilyn was inspired to write a guest review of Takako Shimura’s Sweet Blue Flowers, Volume 1 by Takako Shimura, which is currently only available digitally. (I’m hoping that one day the series will […]

Sweet Blue Flowers, Vol. 1

Earlier this year my good friend Jocilyn Wagner contributed a review of Hiroki Ugawa’s Shrine of the Morning Mist, Volume 1 to Experiments in Manga. She was recently inspired to do so more manga blogging and to write another review, and so I’m happy to welcome Jocilyn back to Experiments in Manga! This time she’ll […]

Manga the Week of 10/22

SEAN: Another week, another pile. Here we go. I may not really enjoy Gantz, but it certainly sells in comic shops, and is popular enough that the author’s new title was just announced at NYCC. We’re still a few volumes from the end over here. Animal Land, an underrated Kodansha title, has reached Vol. 10. […]

My Week in Manga: October 6-October 12, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week Experiments in Manga saw the introduction of a new feature–Adaptation Adventures. Basically, the feature is intended to explore and compare different versions of the same story, which I think should be an interesting approach. I specifically had things in mind like the Parasyte anime adaptation that recently began airing  […]

Manga the Week of 10/15

SEAN: With only ten new volumes, this is the lightest week of the month. Let’s all enjoy it. First off, one I missed from last week, mostly as Amazon just announced they were shipping it early a few days ago. The second Whispered Words omnibus, containing Vols. 4-6, is out this week. If you like […]

Adaptation Adventures: Udon Entertainment’s Manga Classics

One day long ago when I was still very small my parents brought home for me a box filled with Great Illustrated Classics–small, compact adaptations of classic literature with illustrations on almost every other page intended to introduce younger readers to some of the great, influential stories of the Western canon. I devoured them. It’s […]

My Week in Manga: September 29-October 5, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week at Experiments in Manga there were three posts in addition to the usual My Week in Manga feature. To start with, the winner of the Triton of the Sea manga giveaway was announced. The post also includes a list of some of the manga available in English that feature […]

Manga the Week of 10/8

SEAN: Manga. Lots. Let’s go. It wasn’t on Amazon 2 weeks ago, but now I see there is a release for Volume 9 of Ze. A series whose release dates are almost as convoluted as its content. ASH: I was wondering what was going on with Ze‘s releases. SEAN: Sadly, Kodansha did not stick with […]

My Week in Manga: September 22-September 28, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week unintentionally turned into an Osamu Tezuka Week at Experiments in Manga…sort of. First of all, this month’s manga giveaway features Tezuka’s Triton of the Sea. Tell me a little about the merfolk you’ve encountered in manga for a chance to win the first omnibus of the series. (The winner […]

Manga the Week of 10/1

SEAN: There are sixty-five different manga titles coming out in October. The mind reels. Luckily, this October 1st is really September 30th in book publishing terms, so the four titles featured here do not add to that total (which is good, as it would then be sixty-nine, and I’d feel obliged to make a tasteless […]