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Manga Giveaway: Paradise Residence Giveaway

The end of May is almost here. I’m very aware of this fact since my family’s goal is to be completely moved in, or at least living in, the new house by the end of the month. So this last week of May is crunch time and I’m rather preoccupied, but there’s no way that […]

My Week in Manga: May 16-May 22, 2016

My News and Reviews I ended up posting it a little later than I really intended, but my random musings on TCAF 2016 are now available to read. Although I didn’t make it to as many panels this year, I still had a great time and really enjoyed myself. I haven’t had a chance to […]

Random Musings: Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2016

As of 2016, I have now attended the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) for four years running. TCAF is still the only large comics event that I make a point to attended, although I guess technically I went to an anime/manga/cosplay convention earlier this year since I and the rest of the taiko group I’m […]

Manga the Week of 5/25

SEAN: Does it say something that having only 25 titles out the week of a Yen Press release dump is rather mild now? I keep thinking “it could be worse!”. I think it’s the new normal. There are other publishers, of course. Kodansha Comics gives us a 2nd volume of Real Account, a title with […]

Manga the Week of 5/18

SEAN: Third weeks of the month tend to be grab bag weeks, and this is no exception, but as with most grab bags, there’s always something in there that’s of interest. For those who were eagerly awaiting the new volume of Blood C, I got nothing. But we do have a spinoff from that series, […]

My Week in Manga: May 2-May 8, 2016

My News and Reviews Last week at Experiments in Manga I announced the winner of the superhero duo manga giveaway. As usual, the post also includes a list of manga, in this particular case a list of manga featuring superheros of one ilk or another. Last week I also posted my review of Rokudenashiko’s comic […]

Manga the Week of 5/11

SEAN: Glory be! A small week at last! Write this week down in your diary, folks. ASH: Astonishing! MICHELLE: “Glory be” is gonna make me have “The Night Chicago Died” in my head all day! :) SEAN: We start off with Kodansha’s 14th volume of The Seven Deadly Sins, which is at least seven too […]

My Week in Manga: April 25-May 1, 2016

My News and Reviews April has come to a close and May has begun, but there’s still a little time left to enter April’s manga giveaway for a chance to win a duo of superhero manga: Jiro Kuwata’s Batmanga, Volume 1 and Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi’s Ultraman, Volume 1. In addition to the manga […]

Manga the Week of 5/4

SEAN: Let’s face it, there are no light weeks anymore. There’s 21 titles next week, and that’s our new normal. We just have to accept it, manga is popular again. ASH: All right! MICHELLE: Yay! Now, can we have back some of those series that disappeared in less prosperous times? Like Silver Diamond? Please? MELINDA: […]

Manga Giveaway: Superhero Duo (Batmanga and Ultraman)

The end of the month once more draws near which means it’s once more time for a manga giveaway at Experiments in Manga! For this month’s giveaway you all have the chance to win not one, but two manga of the superheroic nature, a mix of the old and the new as well as the […]

My Week in Manga: April 18-April 24, 2016

My News and Reviews As I recently mentioned, for a while here I’ll be down to one review a week or so at Experiments in Manga. And so, last week’s review was of The Inugami Clan by Seishi Yokomizo, a popular Japanese murder mystery from the early 1950s that has sadly gone out of print […]

Manga the Week of 4/27

SEAN: Soooo much manga. Scary… manga is scary. MICHELLE: Holy cow. You aren’t kidding! SEAN: Dark Horse has the 2nd and final Planetes omnibus, and if you haven’t read this series yet I urge you all to do so. It is a treat. ASH: So glad to see the entire series back in print! ANNA: […]

My Week in Manga: April 11-April 17, 2016

My News and Reviews As I alluded to a few months ago, I’ve been in the process of trying to purchase a house. Well, I finally made it happen! I signed all of the papers on Friday, so for the foreseeable I’m going to be a little preoccupied getting things ready and moving over to […]

Manga the Week of 4/20

SEAN: There’s a lot of variety out next week. Something from almost every major publisher. Kodansha gives us a fourth volume of L♥DK, everyone’s favorite “what is this thing you call consent?” shoujo romance. MICHELLE: *snerk* SEAN: And Noragami’s monthly release schedule chugs along with lucky Vol. 13. Also reaching Vol. 13 is Say “I […]