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Manga the Week of 5/13

SEAN: I haven’t seen a week this small since Christmas. It’s sort of creepy. First of all, right after I posted Manga the Week of last week, Dark Horse did a classic date slip, so Drug & Drop 2 is here again. Dark Horse is famous for release date slips, though they’re better than they […]

My Week in Manga: April 27-May 3, 2015

My News and Reviews Last week was the end of one month and the beginning of another, which means the most recent manga giveaway at Experiments in Manga is currently underway. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, so there’s still a little time to enter for a chance to win Miki Yoshikawa’s Yamada-kun and […]

Manga the Week of 5/6

SEAN: May, and the manga volumes coming out are not letting up in any way. Let’s see what we have in next week’s pile. I’m not entirely sure if Dr. Makumakuran And Other Stories is coming out this first week – Amazon’s site says “May 2015” in an unhelpful way. But it’s from Bruno Gmunder […]

Manga Giveaway: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Giveaway

The end of April is almost here, which means it’s time for another manga giveaway! With thanks to Kodansha Comics, this month you will all have a chance to win a copy of Miki Yoshikawa’s Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Volume 1. (I unintentionally ended up with two copies, so my gain is also your […]

My Week in Manga: April 20-April 26, 2015

My News and Reviews Last week at Experiments in Manga I posted a review of Kaori Ekuni’s quiet yet devastating novel God’s Boat. Ekuni’s debut novel Twinkle Twinkle is one of my favorites, so I made it a point to read more of her work. The underlying premise of God’s Boat—a young woman and her […]

Adaptation Adventures: The Twelve Kingdoms

In 1992, The Twelve Kingdoms debuted as a series of fantasy novels written by Fuyumi Ono with illustrations by Akihiro Yamada. The series has inspired an anime adaptation as well as audio dramas and video games. Between 2007 and 2010, Tokyopop released English translations of the first four books in the series (which I have previously […]

Manga the Week of 4/29

SEAN: The last week of April is pretty much KODANSHA WEEK, with only two exceptions. There’s a 3rd Attack on Titan Junior High omnibus, which is highly recommended for those who enjoy seeing how far an adaptation can go, those who enjoy seeing their favorite characters being very silly indeed, and those who like to […]

My Week in Manga: April 13-April 19, 2015

My News and Reviews Two more in-depth manga reviews were posted at Experiments in Manga last week, and once again they were both for manga. Though, unlike the week before which featured newer manga, last week’s reviews focused on a couple of older titles, one of which is actually out of print. That would be […]

Manga the Week of 4/22

SEAN: I feel that the “Yen Press” week of every month is just going to be like this now, and we will simply have to accept it. Before Yen, though, there’s also enough from other publishers to make it a big week anyway. Gantz is still not over, as the 35th volume from Dark Horse […]

My Week in Manga: April 6-April 12, 2015

My News and Reviews I posted two reviews last week at Experiments in Manga that featured some of Kodansha Comics’ newest series: Masayuki Ishikawa’s Maria the Virgin Witch, Volume 1, released back in February, and Naoshi Arakawa’s Your Lie in April, Volume 1, which will be released later this month. The main reason I picked […]

Manga the Week of 4/15

SEAN: Welcome to a wonderful week of manga here on Manga the Week of. For those of you who don’t like variety, there’s variety! Dark Horse has the first volume of Oreimo spinoff Kuroneko, for those remaining fans who weren’t completely put off by the ending of the main series. Does anyone remember Aquarion? Anyone? […]

My Week in Manga: March 30-April 5, 2015

My News and Reviews An interesting variety of things was posted last week at Experiments in Manga. First of all, I had the privilege and opportunity to announce one of Sparkler Monthly‘s most recent additions, Kôsen’s Lêttera, a three-volume comic that was originally published in Spain. The winner of the Yukarism giveaway was announced last […]

Manga the Week of 4/8

SEAN: ‘Tis Spring, and a young man or woman’s thoughts naturally turn to manga. What pleasures await us next week? Unlike Strike Witches (look, panties!), Arpeggio of Blue Steel is an honest to goodness spy thriller that just happens to feature girls who are battleships. This is likely why I’m looking forward to the fourth […]

Random Musings: Kôsen’s Lêttera at Sparkler Monthly

Studio Kôsen, also known simply as Kôsen, is a creative team made up of two Spanish artists: Aurora García Tejado and Diana Fernández Dévora. In Spain, they have been working together creating comics and drawing illustrations since 1998. Beginning in 2004, they started releasing translations of their work in English in the United States, but […]

My Week in Manga: March 23-March 29, 2015

My News and Reviews Well, it wasn’t really intentional, but last week at Experiments in Manga was apparently Viz Media week. Both of the in-depth manga reviews posted as well as the most recent manga giveaway feature Viz Media titles. The winner of this month’s giveaway will be announced on Wednesday, so there is still […]