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My Week in Manga: February 23-March 1, 2015

My News and Reviews February has come to an end, but there is still time to enter Experiments in Manga’s most recent manga giveaway for a chance to win the first volume of Ken Akamatsu’s newest series UQ Holder!, published in English by Kodansha Comics. (The winner will be announced on Wednesday, so get those […]

Manga the Week of 3/4

SEAN: It feels like a smaller first week than usual, even with 15 titles. Viz has recently wrapped up a number of series, so it could just be I’m not getting as much stuff personally. Before we get to Viz, Dark Horse has the 4th New Lone Wolf and Cub. ASH: Confession: I still haven’t […]

Manga Giveaway: UQ Holder! Giveaway

Despite being the shortest month of the year, for me February always seems to stretch on forever. With that in mind, I thought it oddly appropriate to offer for this month’s giveaway a manga that features immortals. Specifically, this month you will all have the chance to enter for a chance to win the first […]

My Week in Manga: February 16-February 22, 2015

My News and Reviews Happy (belated) Chinese New Year, everyone! It’s already been a busy season for me with multiple lion dance and taiko performances for the lunar new year over the last few days (with more to come!), but was I still able to get some reading and writing in, too. Last week was […]

Manga the Week of 2/25

SEAN: A fairly sedate last week of the month. Not much from Yen this month, oddly. What will we have to talk about— DIO: HA! You thought this would be Manga the Week of, but it is I, Dio! SEAN: Oh right. Before we get to that, Dark Horse has a very interesting new title […]

My Week in Manga: February 9-February 15, 2015

My News and Reviews Last week was a two-review week here at Experiments in Manga. I read and loved Ellery Prime’s Gauntlet, the first novel to have both started and finished in Sparkler Monthly. I’m not sure the review really does the book justice–the story is difficult to write about without spoiling it–but Gauntlet is […]

Manga the Week of 2/18

SEAN: A fairly subdued third week, with a lot of recurring series and one decidedly odd debut. On the Kodansha side, Cage of Eden has another fanservice-tastic cover for its 17th volume, but hopefully will work in some more giant extinct animals and brushes with death as well. And we get the final volume of […]

My Week in Manga: February 2-February 8, 2015

My News and Reviews A small variety of posts went up at Experiments in Manga last week. First up, the Cinderalla manga giveaway winner was announced. The contest was a tie-in to the Female Goth Mangaka Carnival, so the post also includes a list of the featured creators’ manga available in English. The first in-depth […]

Manga the Week of 2/11

SEAN: It’s Velentine’s Day week at Manga the Week of, and I wonder how romantic these titles are? Ze from 801 Media has hit double digits, and is still the most popular manga among titles with two letters in them. (Sorry, ES). MICHELLE: Tezuka’s MW: *kicks a rock*. SEAN: I feel ashamed for forgetting about […]

My Week in Manga: January 26-February 1, 2015

My News and Reviews The Female Goth Mangaka Carnival wrapped up last week. In addition to my recent Spotlight on Mitsukazu Mihara, I also contributed two other related posts. The first was Experiments in Manga’s latest giveaway. There’s still time to enter for a chance to win Junko Mizuno’s Cinderalla. I also posted a review […]

Manga the Week of 2/4

SEAN: Did you enjoy your quiet month? Good, cause February is back to business as usual, and every week has some chunky bites of manga. Let’s look at next week. FYI, Diamond Comics has every Viz title coming out 1-2 weeks earlier than usual, for some reason – I’m ignoring that. And JoJo’s was delayed. […]

Manga Giveaway: Cinderalla Giveaway

It’s the end of the month which means it’s time for another manga giveaway! Because the Female Goth Mangaka Carnival is currently underway (featuring the work of Kaoru Fujiwara, Maki Kusumoto, Mitsukazu Mihara, Junko Mizuno, Asumiko Nakamura) I decided to do a tie-in giveaway. This month you all have a chance to win a copy […]

My Week in Manga: January 19-January 25, 2015

My News and Reviews Last week I posted a review of Chōhei Kambayashi’s award-winning novel Good Luck, Yukikaze. Because I had enjoyed Yukikaze, the first novel in the series, I was looking forward to reading its sequel. Sadly, although there is some tremendously thought-provoking material in Good Luck, Yukikaze, I found it to be incredibly […]

Random Musings: Spotlight on Mitsukazu Mihara

For the last two weeks of January 2015, the Female Goth Mangaka Carnival is focusing on the works of Kaoru Fujiwara, Maki Kusumoto, Mitsukazu Mihara, Junko Mizuno, Asumiko Nakamura. While I’ve read and enjoyed manga created by almost all of those women, Mihara is the mangaka that I’ve read the most of and am most […]

Manga the Week of 1/28

SEAN: The final week of January, and a quiet, peaceful time for books. After last week, that’s a relief. (Note: Diamond Comics is shipping some Viz stuff to me 1-2 weeks early; I’m assuming that’s them and going with the official release dates, so they’ll be in upcoming posts. I’m also getting Soul Eater late. […]