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My Week in Manga: January 5-January 11, 2015

My News and Reviews Well, last week unintentionally became a week filled with gay-themed manga here at Experiments in Manga, not that that’s something I’m going to complain about. But, first things first, the WataMote manga giveaway winner was announced. The post also includes a list of otaku manga available in English for anyone looking […]

Manga the Week of 1/14

SEAN: In between two fairly hefty weeks, we have a low number of titles out this week. Let’s take them one by one. Kodansha has a 6th volume of its shonen fantasy The Seven Deadly Sins. Vertical has a debut I’ve been waiting for ever since it was announced: My Neighbor Seki, from Media Factory’s […]

My Week in Manga: December 29, 2014-January 4, 2015

My News and Reviews Happy New Year, everyone! Things are already off to a good start at Experiments in Manga. The last manga giveaway of 2014 is currently underway and there’s still time to enter for a chance to win No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!, Volume […]

Manga the Week of 1/7

SEAN: January is a relatively quiet month for manga, usually, and this is a quieter first week of the month, though you might not guess it by the large number of titles coming out way. It’s COMPARATIVELY smaller. CLAMP fans have been waiting for this one forever, and it’s finally here. The first volume of […]

Manga Giveaway: WataMote Giveaway

It may be the last day of December, but there’s still time for one more manga giveaway before the year is through. For this month’s giveaway, participants will have the opportunity to win the first volume of Nico Tanigawa’s manga series No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! […]

My Week in Manga: December 22-December 28, 2014

My News and Reviews The end of the year is drawing near and because of the holidays I’ve been traveling quite a bit to see family. Despite being in a part of the country with less than ideal and spotty Internet access for most of the week (middle-of-nowhere Ohio), I still managed to post a […]

Random Musings: Notable in 2014

Last December, for the very first time at Experiments in Manga, I made an end-of-the-year list of titles that were, for me, particularly notable in 2013. I enjoyed pulling the list together (which probably isn’t too surprising given my propensity for making lists), and so I’ve decided to make it an ongoing feature. It’s not […]

Manga the Week of 12/31

SEAN: There’s still not a great deal of manga out for this final week of the year, but there’s a bit more than last week. Let’s see what we’ve got. Gen Manga has a new title, called Stones of Power, which would appear from its cover art to star a catgirl shrine maiden. MELINDA: If […]

My Week in Manga: December 15-December 21, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week was another week with two reviews here at Experiments in Manga. My monthly horror manga review project is now underway, so I took a look at Setona Mizushiro’s After School Nightmare, Volume 1, which is a very intriguing start to the series. Next month I’ll start in on the […]

The Great King of Manga, Dengeki Daioh

Way back when I started reading manga, the very first magazine I ever subscribed to was Dengeki Daioh. It had two, maybe three series running at any given time that I was following, a bunch more I could take or leave and a few that made me want to shower in acid. And so it […]

My Week in Manga: December 8-December 14, 2014

My News and Reviews Two reviews were posted at Experiments in Manga last week. The first was of Frederik L. Schodt’s classic survey of manga originally written in 1983 but slightly revised in 1986 and with a new introduction added in 1997, Manga! Manga!: The World of Japanese Comics. It may be a few decades […]

Manga the Week of 12/17

SEAN: Merry Christmas! Have some manga. Since the publishers usually go quiet around Christmas and New Year’s, almost everything is frontloaded to next week. So be prepared to be completely buried. The Shinji Ikari Raising Project has now officially passed its parent in volume count. It’s coming to an end soon, though. In the meantime, […]

My Week in Manga: December 1-December 7, 2014

My News and Reviews There were a few different things posted at Experiments in Manga last week. First up was the announcement of the Seven Seas Sampler manga giveaway winner. The post also includes a list of some favorite titles published or soon to be published by Seven Seas. The honor of the first in-depth […]

Manga the Week of 12/10

SEAN: The second week in December brings us a wide variety of manga for perusing, but is already dominated by something that Fantagraphics released THIS week and I am therefore behind on. Massive is an anthology of gay manga that, from what I hear, can be judged very well by its cover: if the idea […]

My Week in Manga: November 24-November 30, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week was a busy week for me as I was traveling and such for the Thanksgiving holiday, but Experiments in Manga had quite a few things going on, too. The most recent manga giveaway was posted and there’s still time to enter for a chance to win a Seven Seas […]