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Manga the Week of 6/11

SEAN: After this week’s deluge, the six books coming out next week feel like a mild summer breeze in comparison. Makes me feel fine. MICHELLE: Okay, Seals. SEAN: Kodansha has the second volume of Say “I Love You”. It runs in Dessert, which is technically shoujo in the same way that Shoujo Comic is technically […]

My Week in Manga: May 26-June 1, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week was a slower week at Experiments in Manga, which is just as well because I spent a long weekend with my family in Ohio for my youngest sister’s high school graduation. I was pretty busy with things there, but I was still able to post a few things here. […]

Manga the Week of 6/4

SEAN: Are we ready? Deep breaths, everyone. Here we go. BUY ALL THE THINGS! Dark Horse gives you the first volume of New Lone Wolf & Cub, in case you had finished all of the Old Lone Wolf & Cub. ASH: I’m certainly interested in this one! (Confession: I actually haven’t finished reading the original […]

Manga Giveaway: Oi, Oishinbo!

May seems to have gone on forever for me and I’m really ready for it to be over. I’ve been traveling so much recently that all I really want to do is to curl up at home for a good, long manga binge. Happily, the end of May finally is approaching, which means it’s time […]

Sailor Moon, Episodes 1-4

I think one could easily write about Viz streaming the original Sailor Moon again with just four paragraphs of the word “SQUEE” and have that be a perfectly serviceable review, but having enjoyed watching the first few episodes of the series, I thought I would write about it a little bit. I’ve read some (but […]

My Week in Manga: May 19-May 25, 2014

My News and Reviews After a week full of random musings comes a week full of reviews. Well, that is if you consider two reviews “full.” Either way, there were two reviews posted at Experiments in Manga last week. First up was Lucy Birmingham and David McNeill’s Strong in the Rain: Surviving Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami, […]

Should Bookstores Categorize Manga By Genre/Demographic?

The basis of this post is much, much thanks to Deb Aoki of Manga Comics Manga & The Comixverse’s Zedric Dimalanta. It’s a simple question to ask: should bookstores start categorizing manga by genre/demographic?

Manga the Week of 5/28

SEAN: Do you like stuff? Of course you do. Let’s look at some stuff! ASH: I like stuff! I like lots of stuff! MICHELLE: Stuff and junk and stuff! ANNA: Stuff is awesome! MELINDA: Bring on the stuff! SEAN: If you’d wondered what the fuss was all about with Attack on Titan, and also wanted […]

My Week in Manga: May 12-May 18, 2014

My News and Reviews Well, it was my intention to review the first omnibus of Whispered Words by Takashi Ikeda last week, but then Sean reviewed it the day before I was planning to post my review. So, to avoid making the Manga Bookshelf front page look a little strange, I decided to bump my […]

Random Musings: Cultures of Japanese Sake

I enjoy sake. I don’t have the opportunity to drink it very often, and I don’t really know much about it, but I do enjoy it and have an interest in it. Fortunately, I recently had the opportunity to hear Natsuki Kikuya, the founder of Museum of Sake, give her presentation “World of Sake: How […]

Manga the Week of 5/21

SEAN: Some newer series, some old favorites, and some back from the dead in Week 3 of the month of May. DMP is releasing print volumes again, including two of their old non-BL series. Takasugi-san’s Obento gets a 2nd volume, and continues to charm readers and make Bunny Drop fans stare at it warily. ANNA: […]

Random Musings: Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2014

Last year I attended the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) for the very first time. It was an event that I had wanted to go to for years and I had such a fabulous time that I immediately began planning to return. TCAF is the only comics festival that I have ever been to so […]

My Week in Manga: May 5-May 11, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week was a busy week for me, especially as I was travelling to and from Canada for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, but I still managed to post a few things. The Fullmetal Alchemist Giveaway Winner was announced, for one. The post also includes a select list of some shounen and […]

My Week in Manga: April 28-May 4, 2014

My News and Reviews I was in Texas for much of last week, attending a conference for work, but I was still able post a few things here at Experiments in Manga. The most recent manga giveaway is underway, for one. This month you all have a chance to win the first omnibus of Hiromu […]

Love to Be Love

We’ve talked a lot here on Magazine no Mori about what manga salarymen in Japan read. Today, we’re going look at a magazine with an adult female homemaker readership, Be Love magazine, from Kodansha. It’s a truism that Josei manga rarely does well as anime. Stories in most magazines for adult women follow career, family, […]