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Manga the Week of 8/13

SEAN: If there was a quiet week in August, next week would be it, with a mere nine titles. Dark Horse has the 2nd of its Samurai Executioner omnibii, for those who can’t get enough of samurai, manliness, and manly samurai. ASH: Surprisingly enough, I haven’t actually read any of Samurai Executioner. This would probably […]

My Week in Manga: July 28-August 3, 2014

My News and Reviews Another week, another few posts at Experiments in Manga. First up was my most recent manga giveaway. Tell me about your favorite mecha manga (if you have one) for a chance to win the first volume of Mohiro Kito’s Bokurano: Ours. (The winner will be announced on Wednesday, so there’s still […]

Manga the Week of 8/6

SEAN: There is so much manga out in August it beggars belief. Over 50 different titles in the month. And the first week is the biggest. So buckle up. ANNA: I can see myself undergoing some major psychological trauma trying to choose between titles for Pick of the Week. SEAN: Dark Horse has nearly wrapped […]

Manga Giveaway: Mecha Manga Giveaway (Bokurano)

It’s the end of the month and therefore the start of another manga giveaway here at Experiments in Manga! For July’s giveaway you all have a chance to win the first volume in Mohiro Kito’s manga series Bokurano: Ours as published by Viz Media. As always, the giveaway is open worldwide! I don’t know what […]

My Week in Manga: July 21-July 27, 2014

My News and Reviews It wasn’t entirely intentional, but last week Experiments in Manga ended up being full of Vertical reviews. (And by full, I mean that two reviews were posted.) The first was of Fumi Yoshinaga’s gay slice-of-life and food manga What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 3. With each volume that is released, […]

Manga the Week of 7/30

SEAN: A 5th week of the month is usually sparse, but we do have a few interesting things due out at the tail end of July. Gen Manga offers you a choice of Indie Manga. Either you will think that One Is Enough, or perhaps you’d rather be with an Anomal. Choose wisely. (They do […]

My Week in Manga: July 14-July 20, 2014

My News and Reviews Two reviews were posted at Experiments in Manga last week, one of a manga and one not. The first review was part of my Year of Yuri monthly review project. I took a look at Milk Morinaga’s Gakuen Polizi, Volume 1, which is quite different from her other work currently available […]

Manga the Week of 7/23

SEAN: There’s so much stuff coming out next week you’d think it was a first week of the month. Remember when Yen Press was just three or so titles a month? We’ll start off with Dark Horse, who are still releasing Gantz, even as it’s up to Vol. 32 and surely running out of rubber […]

My Week in Manga: July 7-July 13, 2014

My News and Reviews Two reviews were posted at Experiments in Manga last week, though neither of them were actually for manga. First up was Yasutaka Tsutsui’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which collects two of his stories: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of. The Girl […]

Manga the Week of 7/16

SEAN: Mid-month always tends to bring the oddest stuff. Anything unusual here? First off, Seven Seas apparently delayed the release of Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s Knowledge 1 at the last minute, after we went to press. It’s actually out next week. ANNA: I hope it features Ace murdering people and getting lost […]

My Week in Manga: June 30-July 6, 2014

My News and Reviews The first week of the month tends to be a little slow at Experiments in Manga (at least it feels slow to me). Granted, there were still three posts last week. The Juné Manga Giveaway Winner was announced, which also includes a list of some favorite Juné manga. June’s Bookshelf Overload […]

Manga the Week of 7/9

SEAN: It may not be hot where you are, but Connecticut? It’s hot. Too hot. Can manga save us from the doldrums of summer? MICHELLE: I am in Florida. Such hot. Very yuck. MELINDA: New England, also hot. And stormy. Which sounds sexier than it is. ANNA: I will be in Central Illinois, which will […]

My Week in Manga: June 23-June 29, 2014

My News and Reviews Another three posts last week! It’s the end of June, so I decided to have a Juné Manga Giveaway. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, so there’s still some time left to enter for a chance to win a copy of Momoko Tenzen’s boys’ love one-shot Flutter. Last week I […]

Random Musings: Two from Tagame

Gengoroh Tagame is an extraordinarily important creator of gay erotic art and manga. He is extremely influential in Japan, but his talent is also recognized worldwide. Tagame’s work has been published in French, Spanish, and Italian, but it wasn’t until 2012 that any of his manga received an English-language release when “Standing Ovations” was collected […]

Manga the Week of 7/2

SEAN: It’s not QUITE as bad as last month’s pile, but there’s a ton of things out the first week in July. Let’s to’t. Dark Horse continues to give us omnibuses showcasing Lone Wolf & Cub in larger trim size and far more pages. Here’s the fifth. ASH: Excellent! I’ve been needing to do a […]