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Manga the Week of 12/17

SEAN: Merry Christmas! Have some manga. Since the publishers usually go quiet around Christmas and New Year’s, almost everything is frontloaded to next week. So be prepared to be completely buried. The Shinji Ikari Raising Project has now officially passed its parent in volume count. It’s coming to an end soon, though. In the meantime, […]

My Week in Manga: December 1-December 7, 2014

My News and Reviews There were a few different things posted at Experiments in Manga last week. First up was the announcement of the Seven Seas Sampler manga giveaway winner. The post also includes a list of some favorite titles published or soon to be published by Seven Seas. The honor of the first in-depth […]

Manga the Week of 12/10

SEAN: The second week in December brings us a wide variety of manga for perusing, but is already dominated by something that Fantagraphics released THIS week and I am therefore behind on. Massive is an anthology of gay manga that, from what I hear, can be judged very well by its cover: if the idea […]

My Week in Manga: November 24-November 30, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week was a busy week for me as I was traveling and such for the Thanksgiving holiday, but Experiments in Manga had quite a few things going on, too. The most recent manga giveaway was posted and there’s still time to enter for a chance to win a Seven Seas […]

Manga the Week of 12/3

SEAN: December begins, and that can only mean one thing: More piles of manga. Dark Horse has the 3rd volume of the New Lone Wolf and Cub, with whitewall tires and everything. Who said DC Comics doesn’t release manga anymore? The Jiro Kuwata Bat-Manga is 350 pages of 60s shonen Bat-goodness, and looks to be […]

Manga Giveaway: Seven Seas Sampler

The end of the month draws near, so it’s once again time for another manga giveaway at Experiments in Manga! As is tradition, November’s giveaway features multiple volumes. This month you will all have a chance to win a sampling of some of Seven Sea’s manga releases, both old and new: A Centaur’s Life, Volume […]

My Week in Manga: November 17-November 23, 2014

My News and Reviews Two reviews were posted last week at Experiments in Manga, and a little something else as well! The first review was for the second part of Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator, the third volume in Kouhei Kadono’s Boogiepop light novel series. Boogiepop is a rather peculiar series, but I’ve really been enjoying […]

Manga the Week of 11/26

SEAN: The last week of the month is usually a nice breather after the deluge of the previous three weeks, giving us a chance to catch up on the piles of manga still out there. But there are still a few tasty bits of manga for (American) Thanksgiving. We’ll start with the tastiest, the long-awaited […]

My Week in Manga: November 10-November 16, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week I posted two reviews at Experiments in Manga. The first review of was of Ajin: Demi-Human, Volume 1 written by Tsuina Miura and illustrated by Gamon Sakurai. It’s a manga with a rather dark atmosphere that deals with immortals, which is right up my alley. The first volume was […]

Manga the Week of 11/19

SEAN: So. Many. Books. ASH: Woo! SEAN: Kodansha has the 5th volume of shoujo romance My Little Monster, which is still dealing with social ineptness in the best way. MELINDA: I feel like I’m really missing out by not reading this. I probably have to fix that. MICHELLE: I do honestly think that you would […]

My Week in Manga: November 3-November 9, 2014

My News and Reviews Last week at Experiments in Manga the winner of the Sherlock Bones manga giveaway was announced. As usual, I took the opportunity to compile a list of manga as well, in this case a list of manga available in English that feature detectives or other crime solvers. I also posted two […]

Manga the Week of 11/12

SEAN: After the deluge of the last two weeks, I am relieved to say that next week is at least a LITTLE quieter. Unless you’re Kodansha. Speaking of which, apologies to Kodansha and Viz– I missed two of their titles that are out this week. The 2nd Heroic Legend of Arslan is already out! Go […]

My Week in Manga: October 27-November 2, 2014

My News and Reviews October is finally over, and I somehow managed to survive! I’ve been extremely busy at work which bled over into the rest of my life and has interfered with a lot of things that I would otherwise rather be doing. I’m really hoping that my stress levels and schedule settle down […]

Manga the Week of 11/5

SEAN: November does not have quite as many books as October, but that’s only due to Thanksgiving week providing a minor break. The other three weeks try harder to drown us in books. Dark Horse finishes off its Trigun re-release with the 5th Trigun Maximum omnibus, depriving me of additional attempts to mock Nightow’s art […]

Manga Giveaway: Sherlock Bones Giveaway

The end of October is fast approaching, which means it’s time for another manga giveaway at Experiments in Manga! I’m not entirely sure why, but my review of the first volume of Yuma Ando and Yuki Sato’s manga series Sherlock Bones is by far one of the most frequently visited posts at Experiments in Manga. […]