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Manga the Week of 7/16

SEAN: Mid-month always tends to bring the oddest stuff. Anything unusual here?

First off, Seven Seas apparently delayed the release of Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s Knowledge 1 at the last minute, after we went to press. It’s actually out next week.

ANNA: I hope it features Ace murdering people and getting lost in the woods.

SEAN: Fairy Tail hits its mid-life crisis, as the Big 4-0 hits. Will Erza needs to buy a really big car and drive around with the wind blowing through her hair?


Seven Seas debuts a new series, with the first volume of D-Frag!. This apparently is a high school club comedy, starring one guy and a bunch of weird girls. Despite that, I’ve heard good things about it, as the emphasis is firmly on weird.

There’s also the 2nd Devils and Realist, where I suspect my ongoing enjoyment will hinge on the ridiculous denial our hero continues to exude. Do not disappoint me, manga.

ANNA: I found the ridiculous denial much more amusing than I was expecting with the first volume.

ASH: The first volume was rather amusing.

SEAN: And we have the 6th volume of fantasy/video game encyclopedia pastiche World War Blue.

Vertical gives us a 3rd volume of seinen manga What Did You Eat Yesterday?, which I’m hoping might have a bit more characterization and a bit less cooking this time, but I suspect that’s not in the cards.

MICHELLE: Phew! Finally something on this list that I will be buying for sure!


ASH: Mine, too!

MELINDA: What they said, plus extra exclamation points! !!!!!!

SEAN: If you didn’t catch the suspense, tragedy, and all around terror from Urasawa’s cult classic Monster, now is the time to pick up the new Perfect Edition omnibuses.

MICHELLE: I’m glad to see this series getting a re-release. I liked it quite a bit!

ANNA: I’m looking over at my stack of unread 20th Century Boys and feeling vaguely guilty.


MICHELLE: I have a stack just like it, I’m afraid.

ASH: Personally, I like Monster just a bit more than 20th Century Boys. I’m really happy to see it back in print.

MELINDA: I’m thrilled about this release, since I am one of those who missed it the first time around.

SEAN: And speaking of tragedy, Viz’s new seinen debut is Terra Formars (spelling intentional), a sci-fi story of colonizing Mars which goes horribly, horribly wrong. I’m greatly looking forward to this title, even though I know it will likely gut me a lot of the time.

MICHELLE: I tend to like grim, seinen sci-fi, so I am definitely looking forward to this.

ANNA: This sounds intriguing.

ASH: Terra Formars is a series that I’ve been looking forward to, too. (Plus, I happen to have a thing for Mars…)

MELINDA: I’m definitely on board with this!

SEAN: What excellent yet depressing manga are you reading this week?

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  1. I’m always up for seinen, so I’m looking forward to Terra Formars and have been since the license announcement awhile ago. I’m also glad to see another volume of What Did You Eat, but I was hoping for more characterization too.

    I really like Urasawa so I’m double-dipping for Monster…

  2. the D-Frag Anime was great but I pre-orderd that with volume four of WataMote and I was hype for Terra Formers until I heard it referd to as “hiduously racist” on ANNcast than saw how the Martians are depicted, so yeah dropped that one so I’m not getting anything this week.

  3. AshLynx says:

    Fumi Yoshinaga, obviously. I must have all the Yoshinaga (but who who has tried her doesn’t?). Probably also Terra Formars.

  4. I’ll be getting Fairy Tail, D-Frag!, Devils & Realist and What Did You Eat Yesterday? Very busy week for me…

  5. Worsthardtime says:

    I’m still suprised that Terra ForMars is comming out over here. Could be some really negative press for viz.

  6. The number one bestselling sci-fi graphic novel (according to Amazon): Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds.

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