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Manga the Week of 4/24

SEAN: It’s a healthy fourth week of the month here at Manga the Week of Central, with something for everyone. Let’s delve deeper.

Dark Horse gives us lucky Vol. 13 of Bride of the Water God, which is manwha, so I defer to those who know it better than I do.

MELINDA: This series is incredibly beautiful to look at. I’m behind a few volumes at this point, but it’s one of those I absolutely try to keep up with in print, just because it’s so pretty. It’s a keeper.

SEAN: There’s also Vol. 27 of Gantz, where bad things continue to happen to everyone, but at least they’re all in rubber lycra outfits.

MICHELLE: *snerk*


SEAN: Unico has shipped to most of its Kickstarter backers by now, but it finally hits retail next week. I have a review out that gives a deeper opinion, but suffice to say it’s cute, sad, and a little bit weird, like the best of Tezuka. Also, although there are lots of Pink Lady refs, be assured there is no Jeff Altman.

MELINDA: Children’s manga is rarely my thing, but your description is pretty compelling.

MICHELLE: Yeah, “cute, sad, and a little bit weird” sounds like a winning combination to me.

SEAN: Kodansha seems to have indicated that sales for Bloody Monday are meh, so I suspect this may be the penultimate volume over here. It’s still filled with action, intrigue, and lots of dead folks.

MELINDA: I dropped this early on, not because it wasn’t interesting, but because it wasn’t interesting *enough* to earn my money, volume after volume. I guess it’s not just me.

MICHELLE: I bought a couple of volumes but then never read them. I like the creative team, but just never found the time.

SEAN: Fairy Tail is a quarter of the way to 100 now, as Vol. 25 continues the S-class battles, with Fairy Tail fighting itself to see who is strongest. I suspect a third-party will get involved and ruin everything, myself…


The last of Del Rey Manga’s four debut series reaches its end, albeit at Kodansha Comics. Negima hits Vol. 38, with an ending that, um, well, it’s certainly something people talk about! Aheh. I’ll have more to say in my review, but let’s just say: Fandom *hates* Where Are They Now? endings.

MICHELLE: Even though I’m not a Negima! fan, it’s still something of an achievement that it’s finally complete in English.

SEAN: And then there’s Yen. The latest Alice spinoff, My Fanatic Rabbit, ends with its second volume. I really liked the balance between romance and psychosis, and hope it stays even in Vol. 2, though I admit I’m not optimistic.

Another lucky 13, with Black Butler. Though given the sheer power of its cast, I don’t think they really need to worry about black cats. I understand this volume has some nice Sebastian revelations.

MELINDA: I wish I could like this series. I would really like to like it. But every time I try, it’s a complete failure.

MICHELLE: I’m planning to talk about this volume soon on Off the Shelf, so I look forward to hearing about your attempts. For me, this is a series I kind of like, or at least find easy to read, but have no intentions of rereading.

SEAN: Ah, Bunny Drop has hit Vol. 8. I think this means that the matter of “that spoiler” may now be discussed. And may I say I’m almost relieved? In any case, I’m sure it will be SAFE AND FUN.

MELINDA: I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out! I have a lot of faith in the mangaka.

MICHELLE: I’m a bit more dubious, but will certainly be finishing out the series.


SEAN: A new series, in handy omnibus form! Yen has the first 2 volumes of Doubt, whose cover has everyone wearing bunny heads, but trust me, Bunny Drop this ain’t. It’s another survival game title, where you learn not to get too attached to anyone at all.

MELINDA: I suspect this may not be for me, but I fully intent to give it a try! These omnibus releases are great for that, because you get a really substantial go at it.

MICHELLE: Maybe it’ll turn out to be kinda fun, like BTOOOM!.

SEAN: Is This A Zombie? 4… yeah. Moving on.

Kieli has its 8th novel published. The story of a girl who can see ghosts, and her relationship with a man named Harvey. Who is not a 6-foot-tall pink rabbit, though it would fit with this week’s accidental theme.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 15 continues to adapt the 7th novel, and has steadily improved, though not to the point where I can say “you don’t have to read the book”. Because you do.

Pandora Hearts is also at 15, and I think I will yield to Melinda for this one.

MELINDA: Oh, Sean… as you know, this series basically owns my soul. I’m expecting an enormous amount of drama in this volume, given where we left off. I’m expecting at least one heartbreaking loss. And I just can’t wait. Expect a flustered review of some kind to show up over the next week. I think this one’s gonna be a doozy.

MICHELLE: I’m a few volumes behind with Pandora Hearts. Clearly, I must rectify this.

SEAN: Lastly, there’s the 8th novel of Spice & Wolf, a title that always reminds me of Playboy Magazine, in that people always say they read it for the economics.

Getting anything interesting this week?

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  1. I need Unico so badly! I have seen the Island of Magic movie, it’s weird, but fun. I’m still not sure what was up with Sanrio in the 80s, making movies that subsist on child’s tears (seriously, have you seen Ringing Bell or Sea Prince and the Fire Child? Sea Prince is another Romeo and Juliet tale with music by Dragon Quest guy and a far more depressing ending, but it’s soo awesome! Discotek put out both this and the Unico movies). Of course, I also need Unico because it’s Osamu Tezuka. I have Astro Cat on preorder (because the only thing I like more than Osamu Tezuka manga is cats) because it happens to come out the same week as Rose of Versailles set 1 and I needed it for free shipping.
    I read Doubt ages ago. Rabbit Doubt as it’s often called (because there’s plenty of other manga with the title “doubt”). I thought it was good, but I see no real need to own it.

    So many rabbits this week, I should re-watch Donnie Darko

    • OMG, the comic shop actually had exactly what I was looking for with Unico! Will read and maybe gush somewhere later :3

  2. I liked Doubt a lot. If you like thrillers, I’d definitely recommend it. (And it’s nice to see a manga complete in four volumes. Sometimes I really get tired of everything having to run forever.)

    (By the way, there’s something wonky going on with the site today. I keep logging in and it acts like I’m logged in for a minute, taking me to the dashboard, but then when I come back here to comment, I’m logged out again.)

  3. I’ve already got Pandora Hearts and Bunny Drop ordered. Hopefully they’ll be arriving in my mailbox within the week. I’m most excited for Pandora Hearts (I’ve already read Yen Press’s preview chapter on their website because I can hardly wait), but I’m also looking forward to Bunny Drop. I watched the anime and absolutely loved it, then accidentally spoiled myself online regarding future plot points in the manga, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how the story has progressed. I’m confident that I’m going to continue liking the series.

  4. It’s just Unico for me this week. My order shipped yesterday so I can expect it by Tuesday. I’m wasn’t sure what to expect from the story but Sean’s review of the book gave me some perspective. Oh well, it’s Tezuka and full color, so it’s worth owning anyway.

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