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Melinda Beasi (Editor) has written about manga, manhwa, and other East Asian-influenced comics at Manga Bookshelf, PopCultureShock's Manga Recon, and CBR's Comics Should Be Good, where you can find her periodic review column, Tokidoki Daylight as well as The NANA Project, a collaborative project with Danielle Leigh and Michelle Smith. She's also been spotted as a guest writer at MangaBlog, The Hooded Utilitarian, Comics Worth Reading, The Beat, and other websites, and as a guest on the podcasts Manga Out Loud and Fandomspotting. Offline, Melinda planned and edited the book Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices for the Comic Book Legal Defense fund, due out from Dark Horse Comics in December 2013. Melinda lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts, where she can most often be found rambling through town in the company of her dog, Lucy. Click here for an index of Melinda's offsite writing.

Manga the Week of 9/28

SEAN: Duck and cover, folks. Kodansha gives us a 3rd Colossal Edition of Attack on Titan, which no doubt still remains a potent blunt instrument as well as a good way of catching up. ASH: These volumes truly are colossal. SEAN: And a 56th volume of Fairy Tail, which had one of my pairings become […]

Pick of the Week: Taking the Blame

This week, the Manga Bookshelf team casts its eye on deluxe license rescues and long-awaited BL volumes.

Pick of the Week: Otherworld Barbara

We make it really easy for you this week – go get this new Fantagraphics hardcover. Now.

Pick of the Week: Long Live the Queen

There’s a lot of stuff out this week the Manga Bookshelf team loves, but there’s only room for one title at the top.

Pick of the Week: Princesses, Riceballs, and Lost Girls

For the most part, the Manga Bookshelf team tries to avoid giving Pick of the Week to a re-release this week, though Melinda just couldn’t resist the lure of the zodiac.

Manga the Week of 6/29

SEAN: The word for next week is “spinoff”, boys and girls. Can you say spinoff? I knew you could! OK, let’s try to plow through. Dark Horse first, as always. Astro Boy Omnibus 4. Everyone loves Astro Boy. Kodansha gives us the 2nd and final volume of Fairy Tail’s Gray-related spinoff (can you say that, […]

Pick of the Week: Complexities

Ash wants to enjoy more surreal childhood from Inio Asano this week, but most of the team are ready to cosplay like there’s no tomorrow.

Manga the Week of 6/22

SEAN: Third weeks of the month: almost like second weeks, but they seem different, mostly as Viz tends to put out its blogger-friendly titles here. What’s happening next week? Kodansha debuts a new seinen series that ran in Morning magazine, which means I am already well-disposed to it. Complex Age features a cosplay fanatic who […]

Manga the Week of 6/15

SEAN: Ah, the 2nd week of the month, the most common week for the Manga Bookshelf team to look over the releases and think “Wow, am I picking Magi as Pick of the Week again?” MICHELLE: Heh. SEAN: Dark Horse has a 2nd volume of Fate/Zero, sure to give us many more heartwarming moments so […]

Pick of the Week: Sweepers, Corpses, and Josei Debuts

There’s a large amount of stuff coming out this week. What’s a reader to do? Not to worry. Our crack manga squad is here to help YOU.

Manga the Week of 6/8

SEAN: June is busting out all over, especially in terms of sheer manga volume – this month will be punishing, starting with 25 books out next week. Dark Horse gives us the 4th – and presumably last for now – omnibus of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. Go get it if you haven’t already. ASH: […]

Pick of the Week: Orange Supreme

SEAN: Amidst what I suspect will be a sea of orange, I’m going to once again praise Shigeru Mizuki and recommend The Birth of Kitaro as my pick of the week. Like most Kitaro readers, I read this for Nezumi Otoko, who is amazingly awful in the best way. You too will believe a smelly […]

Manga the Week of 6/1

SEAN: It’s a 5th week in may this June 1st, but unlike most 5th weeks there’s a lot coming out. Drawn and Quarterly begins its series devoted to Shigeru Mizuki’s most iconic creation, Kitaro. They released a sampler a few years back, but this is a new multi-volume series that gives us the best Kitaro […]

Pick of the Week: A Fistful of Yen

The majority of this week’s titles are from Yen Press, and our Manga Bookshelf team has a wide variety of choices they can’t wait for..

Manga the Week of 5/25

SEAN: Does it say something that having only 25 titles out the week of a Yen Press release dump is rather mild now? I keep thinking “it could be worse!”. I think it’s the new normal. There are other publishers, of course. Kodansha Comics gives us a 2nd volume of Real Account, a title with […]