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About Melinda Beasi

Melinda Beasi (Editor) has written about manga, manhwa, and other East Asian-influenced comics at Manga Bookshelf, PopCultureShock's Manga Recon, and CBR's Comics Should Be Good, where you can find her periodic review column, Tokidoki Daylight as well as The NANA Project, a collaborative project with Danielle Leigh and Michelle Smith. She's also been spotted as a guest writer at MangaBlog, The Hooded Utilitarian, Comics Worth Reading, The Beat, and other websites, and as a guest on the podcasts Manga Out Loud and Fandomspotting. Offline, Melinda planned and edited the book Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices for the Comic Book Legal Defense fund, due out from Dark Horse Comics in December 2013. Melinda lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts, where she can most often be found rambling through town in the company of her dog, Lucy. Click here for an index of Melinda's offsite writing.

Manga the Week of 11/5

SEAN: November does not have quite as many books as October, but that’s only due to Thanksgiving week providing a minor break. The other three weeks try harder to drown us in books. Dark Horse finishes off its Trigun re-release with the 5th Trigun Maximum omnibus, depriving me of additional attempts to mock Nightow’s art […]

3 Things Thursday: Pretty Pictures

Wow, this has been a weird week. I mean, really, seriously weird. Weird on levels I can’t quite talk about here. But whatever the weirdness, it is in times like these that I really just want to look at something pretty. No, seriously. That’s the only thing to be done. So today, that’s what we’re […]

Morning Manga Spotlight: Paradise Kiss

I pondered for a blatantly ridiculous amount of time over this week’s manga recommendation for my teen students. I considered another classic epic (Please Save My Earth), a couple of overlooked romances (Rasetsu, Crown of Love), or perhaps something for my pre-teens (Shugo Chara!). My most serious consideration, however, went to Ai Yazawa’s yet-unfinished (but […]

Off the Shelf: The Return

MELINDA: *tap* *tap* Is this thing on? MICHELLE: What’s this strange noise? MELINDA: It seems to be the sound of… AWESOMENESS. Or, y’know, typing. One of the two. MICHELLE: Oh, it’s starting to come back to me now. You’re Belinda, right? MELINDA: Yes, and you’re… Michael? MICHELLE: More or less! And I’m feeling the strongest […]

Pick of the Week: Old & New

In an exceptionally strong week for new manga, the Battle Robot is visibly torn between a number of old favorites and a selection of potential new ones. What looks good to you this week?

Manga the Week of 10/29

SEAN: I think Yen Press has set a record for most volumes released in a single week. (At least for that publisher… I suspect Viz has it beat overall there.) Let’s start with what isn’t Yen, though. Blade of the Immortal is perilously close to finishing, and it also hits its 30th volume this week […]

3 Things Thursday: It’s Problematic

As we near the end of my first full year at my new job, I’ve once again been finding more time to read and talk about manga (and hurray for that, I’d like to say). As a side-effect of that, my once music-centric Tumblr has seen an increase in manga-related posts and reblogs. This is […]

Morning Manga Spotlight: Antique Bakery

For those who missed this column’s introduction, this is a new, weekly spotlight featuring books from my own personal manga collection that I’ve offered up as a library to my teen students. And since talking on and on about manga series I love is my usual role here, it only made sense to adapt the […]

Pick of the Week: Partly Sunny

Though Taiyo Matsumoto’s Sunny is on most people’s mind this week, the Battle Robot manages to find plenty of ways to spread the love around. What looks good to you this week?

Manga the Week of 10/22

SEAN: Another week, another pile. Here we go. I may not really enjoy Gantz, but it certainly sells in comic shops, and is popular enough that the author’s new title was just announced at NYCC. We’re still a few volumes from the end over here. Animal Land, an underrated Kodansha title, has reached Vol. 10. […]

3 Things Thursday: NETCOMICS

It’s been over three years since Michelle and I published an Off the Shelf column entitled, “NETCOMICS Lives!” A year later, it seemed that our excitement was perhaps premature, as new chapter releases dwindled and the company’s social media accounts went dark. But this year, once again, we’ve seen signs of life! I’m a bit […]

Morning Manga Spotlight: Basara

I’ve recently offered up my personal manga/manhwa library (completely with photos & titles on Facebook) as a resource for my teen students who might wish to begin reading manga, or to dig into older/rarer series that they may never have heard of. This is my second attempt at such a thing, but now that I […]

Pick of the Week: Light & Rich

This week’s shipping list may be the lightest of the month, but there’s no lack of compelling titles for the Battle Robot to choose from. What looks good to you this week?

Manga the Week of 10/15

SEAN: With only ten new volumes, this is the lightest week of the month. Let’s all enjoy it. First off, one I missed from last week, mostly as Amazon just announced they were shipping it early a few days ago. The second Whispered Words omnibus, containing Vols. 4-6, is out this week. If you like […]

Pick of the Week: Shoujo & Slaughter

There’s quite a bit of new manga to choose from this week, and the Battle Robot finds making its picks to be no easy task. What looks good to you this week?