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About Melinda Beasi

Melinda Beasi (Editor) has written about manga, manhwa, and other East Asian-influenced comics at Manga Bookshelf, PopCultureShock's Manga Recon, and CBR's Comics Should Be Good, where you can find her periodic review column, Tokidoki Daylight as well as The NANA Project, a collaborative project with Danielle Leigh and Michelle Smith. She's also been spotted as a guest writer at MangaBlog, The Hooded Utilitarian, Comics Worth Reading, The Beat, and other websites, and as a guest on the podcasts Manga Out Loud and Fandomspotting. Offline, Melinda planned and edited the book Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices for the Comic Book Legal Defense fund, due out from Dark Horse Comics in December 2013. Melinda lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts, where she can most often be found rambling through town in the company of her dog, Lucy. Click here for an index of Melinda's offsite writing.

Manga the Week of 2/10

SEAN: Next week and the week after are blissfully small, allowing most of us to recover from the hideous amount of manga that we still have to read. This does not mean there are not some interesting things coming out, however. Fans of Berserk might be interested in the new science fiction manga by its […]

Pick of the Week: Selling the Drama

It’s back to school this week, as the Manga Bookshelf team divides up into drama nerds, law school nerds, and those who turned out not to be a nerd but Dio all along.

Manga the Week of 2/3

SEAN: It’s a busy February, so let’s jump right into next week’s releases. Dark Horse has a 4th volume of Oreimo spinoff Kuroneko. Kodansha has a 3rd volume of the reluctant reverse harem manga Kiss Him, Not Me!. ASH: I largely enjoyed the first volume of Kiss Him, Not Me!, but I’ve somehow already managed […]

Pick of the Week: Orange Crush

Cute shoujo is what attracts the team this week, from both Seven Seas and Yen Press.

Manga the Week of 1/27

SEAN: It’s time to bury you in manga releases once more, folks. What do the companies have up their sleeves? ASH: All right, let’s do this! Kodansha has the 12th and penultimate volume of My Little Monster. I can’t believe it’s ending so soon. MICHELLE: I know! Thankfully, Say I Love You. is still ongoing. […]

Pick of the Week: Teenage Kicks

The pain of adolescence is what the Manga Bookshelf team is interested in this week. How about you?

Manga the Week of 1/20

SEAN: Next week’s releases really run the gamut of styles and genres. Let’s see what we’ve got. Kodansha gives us a 2nd volume of Devil Survivor, meaning I am now officially behind. And a 5th A Silent Voice, which I am definitely caught up on. ASH: A Silent Voice continues to be a very strong […]

Pick of the Week: Unanimity

Sometimes Manga Bookshelf is of one mind. This is one of those weeks. Do you agree?

Manga the Week of 1/13

SEAN: Traditionally, the first and fourth weeks of the month are the largest, as Week 1 is where Viz releases it’s Jump and Beat titles, and Week 4 is usually Yen Press. Weeks 2 and 3 therefore vie for the remaining attention, containing less spectacular stuff – Viz puts out Sunday imprints in Week 2, […]

Manga the Week of 1/6

SEAN: For a first week of the month, this is pretty mild. And by mild I mean there’s still 17 titles due out. But mild by comparison. Seven Seas gives us a 2nd volume of A Certain Scientific Accelerator, as he deals with a Certain Magical Girl who is messing up his plans to not […]

Pick of the Year, 2015 Edition

SEAN: It’s been a big year for manga in 2015, as the market continues to recover and companies are pumping out more titles than ever. Seven Seas, who were seemingly near death 4 years ago, are pushing all the monster girls you could possibly want. Yen On is putting out so many light novels that […]

Pick of the Week: Gangsters, Vikings and Mahjong

It’s the last week of the year, and Manga Bookshelf tells you what to get excited about.

Manga the Week of 12/30

SEAN: Bargains bargains bargains! It’s the end of the year, and publishers are clearing out! All these titles must go! MICHELLE: *snerk* SEAN: Dark Horse has a the 2nd Astro Boy omnibus out next week. And also the 4th volume of CLAMP-ish supernatural mystery Blood-C. Lastly, they have another omnibus of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, […]

Manga the Week of 12/23

SEAN: Last month I believed Dark Horse rather than Diamond, and got burned for it. This time I’m believing Diamond, so no Dark Horse next week. That leaves… Ninja Slayer Kills 2 and Noragami 9, both from Kodansha. MICHELLE: Hm… Well, someone is probably happy about these, I guess. ASH: Wow, only two manga releases?! […]

Pick of the Week: Overabundance

A truly ridiculous amount of stuff out next week allows Manga Bookshelf to highlight a wide variety of books.