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Fumi Yoshinaga Week Begins!

Today marks the first in a week-long celebration of mangaka Fumi Yoshinaga here at Manga Bookshelf! Each day will feature a new bit of celebration in the form of reviews, essays, roundtables, and whatever else may happen to occur.

Several other bloggers will be making special appearances here throughout the week, and yet others have expressed a desire to spread the Yoshinaga joy in their own blogs, so I’ll be linking to those as well. If you’re a blogger with something you’d like me to link to this week, please drop me a line!

For my first contribution to the week’s festivities, I’ve written a short essay about Yoshinaga’s series Flower of Life entitled Flower of Life: A Love Story. Be sure to check out the link to find out what that means!

Some of the manga you can expect to hear about this week include All My Darling Daughters, Garden Dreams, Solfege, Don’t Say Anymore, Darling, The Moon and the Sandals, Ichigenme… The First Class is Civil Law, Ooku, Antique Bakery, and Gerard & Jacques! Stay tuned and enjoy!

NOTE: Links added above as they appear! And here’s what’s happening offsite:

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  1. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on all of these, but especially Gerard & Jacques, since that’s the one I haven’t read.

  2. Yaaaaaaaay. My Garden Dreams review will be up on Wednesday.
    Had I thought about it, I would have written an essay on Ooku, but I’m kind of holding out that it will be a MMF at some point. Also, I’ve been busy with July’s MMF. :)

  3. Ruby_Alexandrine says:

    I have read all of the English releases of Fumi’s work so far including her yaoi titles. She is one of the few mangaka that has variety – yaoi, josei, and slice of life. Each shows her great storytelling skill. All of her manga maintains the signature minimalistic art style.

    The first Fumi Yoshinaga manga I read was Gerard and Jacques, and it made me an instant fan.

  4. Hooray!! I can’t wait to read your Fumi Yoshinaga posts!

    I love Fumi Yoshinaga also, and though she probably won’t replace Minekura as my all-time favorite mangaka, she’s pretty damn close!

    (I’ve also written about All My Darling Daughters and Ooku – great stuff!! I wish I had something new to contribute …)

    • Ah, I see you have a number of Yoshinaga-centric posts over at your blog! I look forward to reading them. Thanks for coming by! I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the week. :)


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