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Is Go!Comi gone?

Like most of the manga blogosphere, I’m mourning the likely demise of Go!Comi, as reported by Kate O’Neil, Gia Manry, and many others. Today’s contribution is a short summary of the reports from around cyberspace, with a focus on reactions from Boston-area bloggers.

I also included a few links to reviews of Go!Comi manga, which mainly reminded me just how important it is that I get my own copies of my favorite series of theirs, After School Nightmare.

Many have written much more eloquently on the topic than I. Be sure to check out Brigid Alverson’s write-up in particular, which I’ve linked to from my post. Also of note is Johanna Draper Carlson’s detailed post over at Comics Worth Reading.

That’s the news for today! As my new apartment slowly comes together I’m hoping to regain some of the energy lost over the past week so that I can begin to catch up on reviews and offer some content with real meat! Soon, patient readers, soon!

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  1. Now I’m going to have to hope for a license rescue(unlikely) to finish cantarella. :(

  2. I really adored Cantarella. It was the first manga I ever bought…
    What a pity :( (And in general, of course.)

  3. oh my god so how i am suppouse to get seven ghost ??? kago..!!

  4. GO COMI! produces a lot of my favorite manga! I hope someone picks them up.


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