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Pick of the Week: Chickens, Nightmares, & Soap

potwMICHELLE: Oh, jeez. Do I pick Goong, whose virtues I have extolled in the past, or My Little Monster, which includes a pet chicken. Aw, who am I kidding? Pet chickens all the way!

ANNA: I will pick Goong! I enjoy pet chickens as much as anyone, but manhwa soap opera is hard to resist.

ASH: I’m going with My Little Monster, too, and not just because of the pet chicken (though that certainly doesn’t hurt!) I enjoyed the first volume and am legitimately curious to see how the relationship between the two leads continues to develop.

SEAN: No question about my pick of the week: it’s the 20th volume of Soul Eater. We’ve got 6 volumes to the end now, so should be kicking into the final arc soon. And as I hinted in Manga the Week of, this volume may inspire nightmares.

MELINDA: So, despite the fact that “pet chickens” sounds almost as good as “talking cactus” (I say almost, because c’mon), I’m going stay true to my manhwa-loving heart and join Anna in choosing the 15th volume of Goong as my must-buy for the week. I have loved this series (and its difficult, bickering protagonists) for many years now, and I’m always happy to see them turn up on my doorstep, especially since Yen Press shifted to omnibus releases, making each volume substantial enough to tide me over ’til the next. Hurray for Goong!

What looks good to you this week?

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  1. AshLynx says:

    Goong! I’m through v11, and I’ve also gotten my friend into it, hooray! She came over yesterday, so I lent her 6-11 (the first time around, I only had and had read 1-5 while more was on the way). So glad that Yen has picked up the pace and will be finishing it this time next year!

  2. I quite liked the first volume of My Little Monster, so I’ll go with that one. I like the leads, and I like that they got the “I like you, you like me, we like each other” part of the story done with early on and moved on to makeout sessions. Not that I don’t love the “takes eight volumes for the heroine to realize the love interest likes her” style of shoujo, but it’s nice to have a change and it looks like MLM will be more about the actual relationship vs. getting to the relationship.

  3. Michelle Schilz says:

    I went to look at these books, but the Amazon links only show the Kindle versions, because of their dispute with Hachette. None of the print versions are listed. :(

  4. teezoen says:

    Am I nuts, or have you all forgotten about Kazumi Magica 5? (Or do you guys not like that one?)

    • Sean Gaffney says:

      I mentioned it in Manga the Week of, but Madoka Magica is not my thing. I prefer happier magical girl titles.

    • And I enjoyed the anime series, but I wasn’t thrilled with the manga, so I haven’t kept up with the spinoffs.

      • teezoen says:

        Gotta admit, the way it handles “timing” and action are pretty poor. It looks like its written to a page count, rather than to a story. However, I’m into the material enough that I want to know about the universe, and I feel like supporting it enough that reading the Wiki just doesn’t do it for me.

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