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Manga the Week of 5/21

SEAN: Some newer series, some old favorites, and some back from the dead in Week 3 of the month of May.

DMP is releasing print volumes again, including two of their old non-BL series. Takasugi-san’s Obento gets a 2nd volume, and continues to charm readers and make Bunny Drop fans stare at it warily.

ANNA: I liked the first volume a lot, and I really hope it doesn’t go into Bunny Drop territory.

MELINDA: Agreed!


SEAN: And we have at last the return of Itazura Na Kiss, everyone’s favorite bitter black coffee of the shoujo manga world. Will its leads ever stop being so… themselves? Probably not, but here’s more of it, and I can’t wait.

MICHELLE: Yay yay yay yay yay!

ASH: I’ve heard nothing but good things about Itazura Na Kiss; I really should get around to reading it one of these days!

ANNA: A classic! I’m so glad to see more print volumes coming out from DMP. I need to order this!

MELINDA: Nice to see this back!

SEAN: Kodansha has the 3rd Air Gear omnibus, with 3 more volumes of the roller blading superhero-ish manga for your perusal.

They also have the 5th volume of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which I should really try to catch up on.

ASH: It’s actually a pretty decent adaptation.

SEAN: Seven Seas has a pair of titles for their readers who prefer the more ecchi-oriented catalog of Seven Seas. Dragonar Academy has Vol. 2, and still reminds me of Zero’s Familiar too much – the annoying points of Zero’s Familiar.

Meanwhile, Kanokon has a 3rd omnibus, which ends the manga release. And thank goodness, as this is the last time I will have to avoid saying something about it.

MICHELLE: Nothing for me here.


SEAN: If I had to drop a series after Vol. 1 merely as I found the lead unlikeable, I’d never be reading a lot of series. Thus I will look forward to Vol. 2 of Vertical’s What Did You Eat Yesterday? and its very prickly lead guy – being a good cook only gets you so far with the reader, though.

MICHELLE: Yay yay yay yay yay!

ASH: I’m excited to see this one, too!

ANNA: My shopping list is growing this week! So excited for more great foodie manga!


SEAN: Lastly, Vol. 2 of Gangsta drops, and I’m hoping it keeps to the high standard set by Vol. 1, as I enjoyed the debut volume quite a bit.

ASH: I really enjoyed the first volume of Gangsta and so look forward to reading more soon!

ANNA: I’ve read this already and enjoyed it! Gangsta is rapidly becoming one of my new favorite ongoing series.

SEAN: What manga are you rebelling against?

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  1. AshLynx says:

    All the Yoshinaga is obviously mine. I think my comic shop got Gangsta 2 early, I got that and 1, enjoyed them both. Not often you see a deaf character in manga (though when it comes to hearing conversations, he seems perfectly fine)
    The only Seven Seas series I seem to be collecting is Witch Buster, notable for being a shonen and not an art book of fan service with half a plot, but hey, whatever sells for them.
    I’m wary of Itazura na Kiss if only because it seems almost impossible that it’ll have sort of conclusive ending. This is because of the sad reality that the mangaka died, but it still leaves me suspicious if it’s worth it for something that won’t have a real end (like Ranma 1/2)

  2. Ranma has an ending though

  3. Looks like it got missed so far because of its atypical release method, but Hetalia Vol. 6 was released on May 13.

    Hetalia Axis Powers Graphic Novel 6:

    Manga the Week of 12/18:

    Hetalia Axis Powers, Vols. 4-5:
    Hope lists from remain dependable otherwise.

    Amazon Suppresses Yen Press Titles in Dispute with Hachette:

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