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Please Save My Earth Goes Digital

I hardly know what else to say.

As you know, I love Please Save My Earth with the fire of a thousand suns. Now VIZ is giving the series a second chance to show everyone why.

Enjoy, my friends, enjoy!

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  1. This is fantastic news! Hopefully it’ll give hope for things like Banana Fish and Basara in the future! And of course, more PSME! I don’t actually have any dedicated reader, but I’ve still got my print books. But for the sake of others, I am quite happy!

  2. Ah-hah, I saw the announcement and was trying to remember which of my friends had been so enthusiastic about this series. :)

    I will have to check it out now!

  3. PSME is one of those out of print series that’s really hard to find all the volumes for, right? Hopefully they will put out more series like that, too. It seems like there’s a ridiculous number of out of print manga in the US. Part of it is because of all the companies that have gone out of business, but places like Viz really have no excuse. It’s like these companies just print once and then figure everyone who wanted to read it read it, not considering that new people are constantly discovering older series (and manga in general).

  4. Hurray!

    I also hope for certain other out-of-print VIZ series to receive similar treatment…


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