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JManga the Week of 11/22

SEAN: Most of what JManga is doing this week is catching up on some new volumes, so let’s look at those.

Crazy for You and Pride both have their Vol. 3s out. Both of these series were hits for me, so seeing more of them is a very good thing. Also, I love the way Kaoru Shiina draws grins.

MELINDA: I loved both of these, especially Pride! I kinda can’t wait for those new volumes. I’m seriously anxious over here. I would read them right now if I could.

MICHELLE: Me too! I am very happy about both of these, but since we’re talking about shoujo from Shueisha here, I will shamelessly exploit this opportunity to beg JManga to “please get Cat Street!”

SEAN: Elemental Gelade hits Vol. 2, and we are thus one-ninth of the way through this fantasy series! (Sorry folks, I got nothin’.)

MICHELLE: I can muster no enthusiasm for Elemental Gelade.

MELINDA: Clearly, neither can I.

SEAN: Despite the lack of a translated title (apparently some publishers just don’t want titles changed), Edo Nekoe Jubei Otogizoshi is one of my all-time favorite JManga releases, simply as it’s a supernatural mystery cat manga from a cat manga magazine. Its very existence here in North America for sale justifies digital manga.

MELINDA: I’m completely ignorant on this one, and now I feel I should be ashamed! More cats!

MICHELLE: I bought a couple of volumes of this but confess that I haven’t read them yet.

SEAN: There are also two new titles. Eleven Soul is a long-running shonen series from Mag Garden’s Comic Blade, and has an intriguing premise of futuristic samurai trying to battle a genetically engineered enemy that has taken over half the world.

MELINDA: That sounds… well, a little bit “meh.” But I’ll give it a shot.

MICHELLE: I will split the difference and say that it’s a premise that is teetering on the precipice between intriguing and meh. Could go either way.

SEAN: I am presuming that The Narrow Road to the Deep North is not the play by Edward Bond, but the classic Japanese work Osu no Hosomichi, a travel diary through Edo Japan. The original text is quite famous, consisting of both prose and haiku verses, and I wonder how Variety Art Works have managed to convert it to manga.

MELINDA: I hope this is exactly what you think it is, because that sounds really intriguing. I’m definitely on board for that.


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  1. Can I recommend some lovely retro Jmanga to you guys? And they’re available to non US readers, too. Edo period horror mystery romance Urameshiya

    One cold winter, a young woman appeared near the bridge, and tempted a man. The man accepted her offer, and was found dead the next morning. There has been an unusual number of freezing deaths this year… With unusual ghostly powers, this necromancing fairy goes on to solve the mysteries of Edo and take on challenge after challenge in the 1st issue of this popular series!!

    and 70s/80s-style (but released in 2012) josei Madame Joker

    Rich, pretty, and free-spirited Ranko Gekkouji may be a widow, but she’s hardly wasting her days in mourning! Blessed with wealth, beauty, and adorable children, the envy and jealousy of others overflows – but that won’t stop her from doing what she wants. For when she’s not horrifying her mother-in-law by frolicking with her younger boyfriend, or having a fairly lax attitude toward parenting her teenage children, Ranko uses her all to solve cases, bringing her own brand of justice to the selfish, the vain, and even the evil killers who dare to cross her path.

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