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Changes at Manga Bookshelf

Happy New Year, everyone!

If you’re surfing by, you’ll probably notice that I’m no longer alone here at Manga Bookshelf. Two of my favorite bloggers, Manga Critic Katherine Dacey and Manga Curmudgeon David Welsh, have brought their blogs over to the Manga Bookshelf domain, via WordPress multisite capability. Their blogs will continue to stand on their own (David’s even got a shiny new domain name!), while also feeding content into the main page at Manga Bookshelf. The result? More reading for everyone! Also, we’ll likely be undertaking some collaborative projects now and then, so keep an eye out!

To take you through a bit of the updated front page, you’ll find several new features on the left-hand side, including David’s “License Requests” column and Kate’s feature, “The Best Manga You’re Not Reading.” In the center of the page, reviews and features will feed in from all the site’s blogs–same with the news and blog posts on the right-hand side. A list of the latest posts from all blogs on the network can be found on the right as well. If you’ve arrived at the main page with a clear destination in mind, the banners on the top right will take you directly to the blog you’re looking for. These links are also available in the top navigation menu for easy access from any internal page. We’ve also got a lovely new header image, thanks to Kuriousity‘s Lissa Pattillo!

Here are a few links to help you change your bookmarks & RSS feed settings. Keep in mind that if you follow the Manga Bookshelf RSS feed, you’ll see content from all the network’s blogs.

Manga Bookshelf Blog | RSS

The Manga Critic Blog | RSS

The Manga Curmudgeon Blog | RSS

Manhwa Bookshelf Blog | RSS

To receive RSS feeds via e-mail, sign up using the form in the footer of this page or in the sidebar of the Contact Us page.

We also have a new Facebook page for the whole site. Please “like” us!

I’m thrilled by the possibilities offered by this new team effort and incredibly grateful to Kate and David for being willing to join me. Manga Bookshelf will, of course, continue to host regular collaborative content with Soliloquy in Blue‘s Michelle Smith, as well as continuing group features, such as Breaking Down Banana Fish.

Here’s to an exciting 2011 for all!

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  1. Main page is a bit too busy imo.

    • Well, there’s a whole lot of content to display that will be turning over very quickly. I tried to arrange it all as neatly as possible. I’m afraid this will have to do!

  2. Congrats and very nice set-up! Wonderful way to start off the New Year and I look forward to seeing more of your collaborations ^^

  3. *ROFL* And I was wandering why you had started to refer to yourself in the third person – I originally read the entries via LJ’s feed and it doesn’t show who posted an entry ^^. Yay for new/well-known voices, the more the merrier!

  4. 2011 promises to be a year of wonders, if this is how it starts. Congrats, and good luck!


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