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MMF: Wild Adapter Roundup the Third

Hey, have you noticed there’s a Wild Adapter MMF going on? Just thought I’d mention it…

The fun continues this morning with five new entries! First up is David Welsh at the Manga Curmudgeon, who has devoted his Friday License Request column to “more Minekura,” specifically the two-volume Executive Committee, which features the protagonists from Wild Adapter in a school comedy. Also, did you know Minekura’s one-volume Bus Gamer was published in English? I did not! A copy is now on its way to me, which means David has convinced me to spend money yet again.

Next, in her Fanservice Friday column, Manga Bookshelf’s Melinda Beasi takes a look at how the casual yet intimate touching in Wild Adapter embodies the fan service that most appeals to her. Her post includes many lovely and loving images, including the one shown here.

Over at Manga Xanadu, Lori Henderson revisits the first three volumes of another Kazuya Minekura series, Saiyuki, and concludes “It’s really just a lot of fun, which is exactly how I want my manga to be.”

At Experiments in Manga, Ash Brown makes her second contribution to the MMF, this time in the form of a review for volume one.

Lastly, Chou Jones contributes a special feature to Manga Bookshelf about the themes present in Wild Adapter. I particularly like this segment, which is just more evidence of Minekura subverting expectations:

But contrary to common genre tropes, Wild Adapter isn’t a story about how Tokito’s innocence and decency save Kubota from himself. Kubota is himself from start to finish. If there’s saving going on, it’s mostly the kind couples do for each other in real life: providing each other support, making up for each other’s weaknesses, having a place to come home to. Amidst the trappings of action-adventure, Kubota and Tokito’s relationship is reassuringly slice-of-life.

If you’d like to participate in the Manga Moveable Feast, see this post for instructions. If you haven’t got a blog of your own, let us know and we’ll post it for you. A complete archive for the Wild Adapter MMF can be found here.

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