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Pick of the Week: A Drunken Dream

Buy this book – As I peruse this week’s new arrivals at, I feel a bit sad. There are a number of new volumes that might normally catch my eye for Pick of the Week. Rasetsu, for instance, has become quite a favorite. And who can resist Sand Chronicles?

This week, however, everything fades in the presence of a newly-released collection of short manga from shojo pioneer Moto Hagio, A Drunken Dream and Other Stories. The book is published by Fantagraphics, and edited and translated by Matt Thorn.

Simply put, this book is gorgeous. You can expect a review here soon at Manga Bookshelf, though there’s no way I’ll come even close to doing it justice, unlike Kate Dacey, whose recent review should be required reading all on its own. Visit Publishers Weekly for a very generous preview, if you’re wondering just what I mean by “gorgeous.” Also, check out the slideshow at Fantagraphics’ website for a glimpse of its spectacular, hardcover glory. This is not a cheap book (in any sense of the word), and it is a must-buy for any fan of sequential art.

For my thoughts on one of the very few of Hagio’s works to be published in English, you can read my review of the out-of-print short series They Were Eleven.

This is a release I’ve been eagerly anticipating since its announcement. Visit your local bookstore to find out why.

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  1. Ruby_Alexandrine says:

    This book is on my must-buy list. I looked at the Fantagraphics website to see the quality of the book. It looks impeccable! I have become a fan of Fantagraphics books after purchasing Love and Rockets hardcover books, Palomar, and Luba.

  2. Just ordered it today, as soon as I read your post!

  3. Allready pre ordered it I am waiting with baited breath.

  4. I just got back from vacation and wondered why there was a surge in the number of folks checking out my review of A Drunken Dream. Thanks for the link and the praise—that means a lot coming from you! Glad you’ve persuaded so many readers to give it a try. I’d really love to see the book make some money for Fantagraphics AND nab a few awards.

  5. Ruby_Alexandrine says:

    I just received my copy today. The quality is absolutely impeccable. Forget about reading this manga in Kindle (which I don’t like but that another subject), it deserves to be in print. I’m very smitten with the paper quality and one of the stories already caught my attention. For me this is a great introduction to Moto Hagio’s work.


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