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Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher

From the front flap: Zoe has an unconventional pen pal—Mr. Stuart Harris, a Texas Death Row inmate and convicted murderer. But then again, Zoe has an unconventional story to tell. A story about how she fell for two boys, betrayed one of them, and killed the other. Hidden away in her backyard shed in the […]

More and More of You and Other Stories

Creator: Takeshi Matsu Publisher: Bruno Gmünder ISBN: 9783867877930 Released: November 2014 Takeshi Matsu is a popular creator of gay manga in Japan, his work appealing to both male and female readerships. He initially started out working for shounen magazines, at one point even winning an award for his manga. Matsu moved on to creating erotic […]

Drug & Drop, Vol. 1

By CLAMP. Released in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten, serialization ongoing in the magazine Young Ace. Released in North America by Dark Horse. And so, after a 10-year hiatus, Legal Drug returns, with added plot! It began right about the time that xxxHOLIC was wrapping up in Young Magazine, which is appropriate given the similarity between […]

Legal Drug Omnibus

By CLAMP. Released in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten, serialized in the magazine Asuka. Released in North America by Dark Horse. I had first read Legal Drug when it came out from Tokyopop back in the day, but I have to admit it didn’t leave as strong an impression on me. Possibly it was too BL […]

Citrus, Vol. 1

By Sabu Routa. Released in Japan by Ichijinsha, serialization ongoing in the magazine Comic Yuri Hime. Released in North America by Seven Seas. I was in a somewhat cranky mood when I read Citrus, so wasn’t as appreciative of it as I could have been. The cover makes it seem a bit more salacious than […]

Blade of the Immortal, Vol. 30: Vigilance

Creator: Hiroaki Samura U.S. publisher: Dark Horse ISBN: 9781616554842 Released: October 2014 Original release: 2012 Awards: Eisner Award, Japan Media Arts Award Vigilance is the thirtieth and penultimate volume in the English-language edition of Blade of the Immortal, the long-running and award-winning manga series by Hiroaki Samura. In Japan, the series was only thirty volumes […]

Umineko: When They Cry, Vol. 8

Story by Ryukishi07; Art by Soichiro. Released in Japan in two separate volumes as “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Alliance of the Golden Witch” by Square Enix, serialized in the magazine Gangan Online. Released in North America by Yen Press. This review is a couple of months late, partly as so many others things came […]

Dorohedoro, Vol. 14

By Q Hayashida. Released in Japan by Shogakukan, serialization ongoing in a Shogakukan magazine to be named later. Released in North America by Viz. I pretty much had my jaw on the floor through this entire volume, though halfway through it changed from boggling at Nikaido to boggling at Kai and company. As always with […]

He’s My Only Vampire, Vol. 1

By Aya Shouoto. Released in Japan as “Junketsu + Kareshi” by Kodansha, serialized in the magazine Aria. Released in North America by Yen Press. In general, when I’m reading a manga I am looking for an entertaining story that draws me in and makes me want to read more. The originality of that story, however, […]

Assassination Classroom Vol 1

Assassination Classroom Volume 1 by Yusei Matsui To be perfectly honest, I would have bought this manga for the title alone. The fact that it is a story about a mysterious tentacled alien teacher looking after a classroom of misfit teenage assassins is just a bonus. The premise of the manga is set up in […]

Master Keaton, Vol. 1

By Naoki Urasawa, Hokusei Katsushika, and Takashi Nagasaki. Released in Japan by Shogakukan, serialized in the magazine Big Comic Original. Released in North America by Viz Media. A long awaited release on these shores, this is the sort of title that you’d have expected to be licensed back in the old Viz days of the […]

Yukarism Vol. 1

Yukarism Volume 1 by Chika Shiomi I’m always excited for the first volume of a new Shojo Beat series comes out, but I was SUPER EXCITED for Yukarism because I’ve enjoyed previous works from Shiomi so much. My absolute favorite of her series so far is Night of the Beasts. I thought that Yukarism had […]

Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It

Editor: Anne Ishii, Chip Kidd, and Graham Kolbeins Publisher: Fantagraphics Books ISBN: 9781606997857 Released: December 2014 The first major publication of gay manga to be printed in English was The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: The Master of Gay Erotic Manga. Soon after its release a new project–a gay manga anthology called Massive–was announced by the […]

Sword Art Online, Vol. 3: Fairy Dance

By Reki Kawahara and abec. Released in Japan by ASCII Mediaworks. Released in North America by Yen Press. The novels are still running a bit behind the manga here in the West, so much of this review will be discussing how the light novel differs from the first two volumes of the manga that I’ve […]

Honey Blood Volumes 1 and 2

Honey Blood Volumes 1 and 2 by Miko Mitsuki Two volume manga series are a bit tricky sometimes. They tend to be series that are canceled because they were not entirely successful, and sometimes have unfinished or rushed endings as a result. Sometimes there are two volume series that do end up telling a story […]