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Takehiko Inoue MMF Roundup: Part Two

I’ve got a few more Inoue-riffic links to share with you today! First up, Lori Henderson at Manga Village looks at volume 22 of Slam Dunk, the most recent volume to become available in English, and points out that this is one sports manga where the sport itself is perhaps more important than the typical […]

Takehiko Inoue MMF Roundup: Part One

The Takehiko Inoue MMF is underway and submissions are beginning to come in! I’ve got three of them to share this morning. First up is a post from Matt at Matt Talks About Manga , where he talks about the first VIZBIG collection of Vagabond, comprising the first three volumes of the series. I have […]

Belated Introductions

Hello readers! I’m terribly overdue with this, but I just wanted to take a moment to introduce a couple of recent additions to our roster of regular contributors here at Manga Bookshelf. First, long-time reader and occasional guest contributor Sara K. has just come on board as a regular columnist! Her weekly column, It Came […]

Announcing the Takehiko Inoue Manga Moveable Feast!

What: A multi-blogger event focused on the works of Takehiko Inoue. (Those published in English include Slam Dunk, Vagabond, and Real.) When: The week of June 24-30, 2012. Who: Co-hosted by Michelle Smith and Anna Neatrour, participation open to all! Why: Because we are both major Inoue fans and want to spread the love! Where: […]

PR: Viz Media Offers Substantial May Digital Manga Update

Normally I tend to leave the press releases to my colleagues here at Manga Bookshelf, Kate and Brigid, who are much better at that sort of thing than I am. But I cannot simply sit back this time. Viz is finally releasing Excel Saga in digital form! Sure, it’s just Vol. 1, but if it […]

Apple censors still targeting LGBTQ content?

In June of 2010, Apple’s policies for adult content in the iOS App Store received a lot of attention in the comics press after Tom Bouden’s all-male graphic novel adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest was rejected from the store for its very mild sexual content, while similarly non-explicit heterosexual content seemed […]

PR: JManga offers free Sherlock Holmes

Until December 27th, sign up for a paid subscription at JManga, and you’ll be awarded with the free first volume of Toya Ataka’s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, now available on the site. About Sherlock Holmes (from JManga’s website): Story Holmes is the master of deduction. His partner is just as keen. He is Watson. About […]

Halloween Week 3.0!

It’s that time again! The third annual Soliloquy in Blue Halloween Week begins today, October 25, and continues through October 31. As before, I’ll be posting daily reviews of novels and comics with a supernatural bent. Some may be cute and fluffy, some may be genuinely creepy, but all will fit the general theme. Each […]

JManga Slashes Prices! (Well, Temporarily at Least)

Even though I grumbled a little at JManga’s prices, I was mostly okay with paying the equivalent of $8.99 for a manga that would likely never get licensed for a North American print release. Still, because I wanted them to do well enough to stick around for a long time, I hoped they would reduce […]

Some Sailor Moon Links!

First, a plug… Shortly after my reviews of Codename: Sailor V and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon were published, I was invited by Scott Spaziani of Otaku in Review to participate in a podcast about the series. And here is the result! It was my first time ever on a podcast, and nerves made me babble […]

Me, Me, Me!

Just a quick post this morning with a couple of links about me, me, me! First, Justin Stroman interviewed me for his site, Organization Anti-Social Geniuses. Second, the list of my votes for Hooded Utilitarian’s Best Comics Poll has now been published. I am left with a quandary, though, because I have since discovered that […]

Wild Adapter moves to Ichijinsha

Thanks to a tip from a generous commenter, we’ve just heard the news that Kazuya Minekura’s Wild Adapter, subject of our recent Manga Moveable Feast has been given new life, thanks to a rights transfer from Tokuma Shoten to Ichijinsha. News on this development is available in Japanese here in Minekura’s blog, and summed up […]

Wanted: YA or Children’s Fiction from Australia and New Zealand

At some point in the unspecified future, we three bloggers who comprise the Triple Take project would like to do a series on YA and Children’s Fiction by authors from Australia and New Zealand. The problem is, we don’t know too much about it yet. I mean, I’ve heard of Maurice Gee (NZ) and I […]

Soliloquy in Blue Joins Manga Bookshelf!

Some might wonder “What took so long?” but personally, I’m sort of pinching myself. To be in the company of such esteemed bloggers as Melinda Beasi, Kate Dacey, and David Welsh is a big honor, and I’m very flattered they wanted to make me officially part of the family. You might notice regular Soliloquy in […]

TOKYOPOP Is Shutting Down

It’s with a heavy heart that I direct you to this piece at The Beat, which reports that TOKYOPOP is shutting down at the end of May. I have a feeling the worst of the sadness is yet to come, as I start to fully process which beloved series will be left in limbo. Rather […]