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So after insisting over and over that I don’t really write reviews, I’m… writing reviews. :)

Just recently, senior manga editor Katherine Dacey invited me to join the staff of reviewers over at PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon. I accepted her invitation with much glee, and as a result, you can find my first review (of Claymore volume 13) in today’s Manga Minis !

Perhaps the greatest advantage to the fact that I really don’t write reviews here, is that very little at this blog can be expected to change. I’ll still be rambling on about manga as I have for the past year or so, and in addition, I’ll be linking to reviews of mine that are published over at Manga Recon.

A million thanks to Kate for this wonderful opportunity!

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  1. Melinda:

    My pleasure! The person you should be thanking, however, is Michelle Smith, who introduced me to your blog via your essay “Why You Should Read NANA.” Michelle’s a big fan of your writing, as am I. Welcome to the crew!


  2. Ed Sizemore says:

    Congrats! Not that I had any doubts, it’s a good review.

    • Oh, thank you Ed! Heh. I was so nervous about my first one, too. I hope they will only improve! I’m actually pretty excited about an opportunity to become a better writer. :)

  3. Congrats! It’s great having more opportunities to read your lovely writing and I look forward to your thoughts on series. I hope you have fun :)

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