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Fumi Yoshinaga Week Wrap-up

It’s been a wonderful week here at Manga Bookshelf. As we wrap up our week-long look at Fumi Yoshinaga, I’d like to extend another round of thanks to Michelle Smith, Danielle Leigh, Eva Volin, Robin Brenner, and David Welsh for joining me in celebrating one of our favorite mangaka.

After kicking things off with my favorite of her series, Flower of Life, I though it appropriate to end things yesterday on a similarly beloved note with Antique Bakery. There are few short series I have loved as much as either of these, and it’s a great pleasure to talk about them here, in the company of both long-time Yoshinaga fans and potential new ones.

A full archive of the week can be found by searching the tag, “fumi yoshinaga.”

Alternatively, here’s a full list of the week’s festivities:

Flower of Life: A Love Story
All My Darling Daughters
Garden Dreams
BL Bookrack: Yoshinaga Special, featuring:

Ooku: The Inner Chambers
Rountable: Gerard & Jacques
Antique Bakery

And from offsite:

It’s been a glorious week for me, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it too.

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  1. Danielle Leigh says:

    Thanks, Melinda, for doing such a wonderful job giving tribute to Yoshinaga. Because she’s so talented it is challenging to write about her work in a way that feels fresh and you managed to tackle the subject so beautifully (no matter which particular work you happened to be considering).

    I still feel guilty about shirking my roundtable duties but it was a fabulous discussion all around.

    • Thank you so much Danielle, it warms my heart greatly to hear you say that. I was so worried that I wasn’t really saying anything new.

      And please don’t feel guilty! I’m pleased you were able to contribute at all!


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