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Manhwa Monday: Manhwa Moveable Feast!

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday! Today’s big news involves the Manga Moveable Feast, a monthly round-robin blogger’s discussion of a selected title that has been going strong since February of this year. June’s series will be the first manhwa of the bunch and I’ll be hosting it here at Manga Bookshelf!

The MMF’s chosen manhwa series is Kim Dong Hwa’s Eisner-nominated trilogy, The Color of Earth, The Color of Water, and The Color of Heaven, published in English by First Second. For more information on the series and manhwa-ga Kim Dong Hwa, visit the Macmillan website.

The Manga Moveable Feast is open to participation by anyone. No blog? No problem! Just email me your submission anytime between Monday, June 21st and Wednesday, June 30th, and I’ll post it on your behalf! If you’re interested in the Feast but have questions, we’ll be starting a Google Group shortly that will be open to anyone who wishes to join, so watch for more on this front. (ETA: the Google Group has been created! Click “Join this group” to participate!) Also, feel free to leave any questions here in comments.

Please discuss this title any way that pleases you–reviews, essays, comparisons, character studies–whatever you’d like to share. With this as the Feast’s first manhwa title, this would be a great time to discuss the series in context of Korean comics as a whole, or perhaps even to compare the title to something from Japan. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about the series among manga bloggers, so this is sure to be an interesting Feast!

I’ll make an introductory post to the series on Monday, June 21st and let things go from there. Don’t forget to email or direct message me a link to your post!

In other manhwa news this week, Comic Seoul writes out detailed instructions for English-speakers on how to order manhwa from online Korean retailer Aladdin, including step-by-step assistance in registering and entering payment.

At Every Day Is Like Wednesday, J. Caleb Mozzocco makes two posts discussing Ha SiHyun’s Comic (Yen Press) here and here.

This week in reviews, Julie Opipari looks at volume two of Sarasah (Yen Press) at Manga Maniac Cafe. At No Flying, No Tights, Snow Wildsmith talks about volume one of Chocolat (Yen Press). And at last week’s Right Turn Only column at Anime News Network, Carlo Santos reviews volume two of Laon (Yen Press) and guest reviewer CM Branford discusses Korean BL title, Roureville (NETCOMICS)

That’s all for this week!

Is there something I’ve missed? Leave your manhwa-related links in comments!

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  1. And my Sarasah vol 4 review from this past Friday:

    :) I’m really starting to enjoy it, now.
    Good luck with the MMF!


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