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NANA Project Special Edition!

The NANA Project takes on a special topic this month (or rather, last month a little bit late), following some internet brouhaha around pages that were removed from volume four of Viz’s edition of NANA.

Join Danielle Leigh, Michelle Smith, and me over at Comics Should Be Good as we hash out trademark law, fan entitlement, publisher negligence, translation, adaptation, the meaning of “censorship,” and the power of “love.” And don’t forget to flame us in comments.

We’ll return in June with discussion of volumes 11 & 12 of NANA. Meanwhile, check out our special edition here!

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  1. Danielle Leigh says:

    heh. I like your description of the project better than mine.

    (Also…flaming? I guess we’ll see…)

    • Hee, I hope it’s clear that my request for flames is tongue-in-cheek. I won’t be surprised if it happens, though. Have you ever waded through a a thread on the topic of manga censorship/adaptation/whatever? It’s ugly in there.

      • Danielle Leigh says:

        I mostly stick to “us” (i.e. sensible manga critics) but I’ve seen some crazy shit on the ANN forums. My god, some of those folks think anime exists like air or something…no one has to spend money to produce / distribute it, much less adapt it.

  2. Anything about Nana makes me so sad these days. Did you see that Yazawa Ai is out of hospital finally, but doesn’t know if she will ever go back to writing manga? ;_;


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