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JManga the Week of 2/7

SEAN: 3 new volumes next week, two of which are my own pets so… First of all, Vol. 4 of The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer (yes, yes, Hoshi no Samidare), which, like Viz’s recent license One-Punch Man, seems to me to be an attempt to do Western-style superhero drama. Its combination of friendship and nihilism is quite addicting.

MELINDA: You make that sound oddly alluring.



SEAN: I’ve reviewed both volumes of Wonder! to date, and will no doubt be reviewing this one as well, as it has one of the absolute best qualities of any manga series: the ability to make me talk and talk at length about it. I do wonder if it will pick up the slight bombshell dropped at the end of Vol. 2, but suspect that may be another “Oh, Japan…” moment.

MELINDA: Well, now I feel like I should read it, too! I do like to talk.

MICHELLE: We could make it one of our tandem reads for a future Off the Shelf.

SEAN: Lastly, those first two series come out once in a blue moon, whereas we’ve already had 3 volumes of Crime and Punishment: A Falsified Romance in two months. This one’s on the fast track, and I suspect is a publisher favorite. Not sure if that’s JManga or Futabasha, though.

MELINDA: There are several series I’d like to see come out a bit faster at JManga—generally long shoujo or BL epics that inspire in me the urge to marathon. I suppose that isn’t the smartest way to put things out, but I wish they’d hit the fast track as well.

MICHELLE: I’m really grateful about the ones I follow that are on that track, but yeah, I am waiting on updates for some as well.

SEAN: Short but sweet. What are you downloading (or is it clouding)?

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  1. Your and others’ enthusiasm for Biscuit Hammer convinced me to check it out, and I’ve really enjoyed the first two volumes!! So thanks :D I’m excited for Wonder too! (though I’m reminded that I bought v2 forever ago and then never read it… oops. I’ll fix that sometime, and I’ll definitely be getting v3!)

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