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Introducing Drama Bookshelf

drama-bookshelfI’ve talked about this a bit on Twitter, but I think it’s time to officially point you all to our new drama-specific landing page, featuring all our regular columns in East Asian TV dramas, including It Came from the Sinosphere, Bringing the Drama, and the new Drama Diary.

For regular readers of the site, nothing is changing. These columns will show up on the main front page as always. But if you’ve got a special interest in Korean, Taiwanese, and other East Asian TV dramas, our new landing page will make it easy to see what’s new in dramas with just a glance. We’ll have more drama content to come!

If this new page seems to work well for people, I may be creating topic-specific landing pages for other things as well, so be sure to let me know what you think!

Check it out: Drama Bookshelf.

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