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Pick of the Week: The Flowers of Evil

flowersofevil4SEAN: It’s a fairly slim week of stuff, but there are some intriguing titles. My pick of the week is Vol. 4 of the dark shounen series Flowers of Evil. I admit I’m about a volume or so behind on this one, but it’s worth my catching up on. The cover design has turned darker, and the book seems to be trending the same way. I can’t say I enjoy reading the volumes, but I’m utterly fascinated by them, and want to know what happens next so I can be repelled against my will again. Which is a recommendation, in case anyone was unsure.

MELINDA: I’m going to go with Sean on this one. The Flowers of Evil is the only print volume I’m really interested in this week, but it should be noted that even in a stronger week, it’d have a good chance with me. I find this series very compelling, and I’m pretty psyched to read more of it. From my review of the last volume, “Volume three is unexpectedly moving as Kasuga comes to the surprisingly insightful realization that putting his dream girl on a pedestal is not the same thing as loving her, and as all three of the series’ main characters are faced with truths they weren’t quite prepared for. If this series’ first volume read mainly as “better than Sundome” its third proves that it is really so much more.”

Readers, what looks good to you this week?

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  1. Well now that Flowers of Evil four is out here comes the “uncomfortable discusion” about what goes on in this volumes sigh


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