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My Week in Manga, Episode 5

Welcome back to our new video feature, My Week in Manga! This week’s episode includes a short review of volume two of Io Sakisaka’s Strobe Edge.

Manga this week:
Chocolate (Yen Press)
Strobe Edge, Vol. 2 (VIZ Media)
A Bride’s Story, Vol. 4 (Yen Press)
His Favorite, Vol. 1 (SuBLime Manga)
Planet Ladder, Vol. 1 (Digital Manga Publishing)


Off the Shelf (Strobe Edge, Vol. 1)
Melinda’s Best Manga of 2012, Part 2
Off the Shelf: Chocolat

Edited by Melinda Beasi
Music (“Stickybee,” “20/20,” “Stars Collide,” & “Swansong”) by Josh Woodward

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  1. I have yet to “drink the kool-aid” with Bride’s Story I just feel it’s boring and the Mangaka while obviously talanted seems a little too infatuaited with her subjict matter to move the story along but than again I quit after three volumes. Strobe Edge I liked becuese it was so in the charcter’s thought processes and it was nice to see a love intrest that is’nt a total creep.


  1. […] another view, told in funny style, check out this episode of Melinda Beasi’s video podcast My Week in Manga, where she goes from calling the series boring to talking about why she can’t wait for the […]

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