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Monday Morning Links

Good morning, friends of Manga Bookshelf! I’ve got a few quick links to start off with this week:

First, yesterday afternoon I joined a lovely group of women for a live discussion at Fandomspotting on “The Best Manga/Anime You’re Not Reading/Watching!” It was a tremendous pleasure, and I must thank my fellow panelists and moderator Cathy Yan for all their brilliance and hard work. I was honored to be invited to join them. If you missed the episode, you can catch it here or wait for the podcast link to go up. That page is full of reference links from the broadcast, so be sure to bookmark it either way!

Secondly, here’s what’s happening in the Manga Bookshelf Forums!

We’ve seen our first couple of Reader Reviews, Masahito Soda’s Firefighter Daigo from AshLynx and Aki’s Utahime: The Songstress from myrah. Come check them out and post your own!

The forum’s fandom section is seeing some good discussion on things like Vincent/Ada in Pandora Hearts and “Top X Favorite Manga,” and I’m still looking for folks to sell me their fandoms.

In the General discussion area, Travis has started a conversation on Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei, while AshLynx asks What are you reading right now?

And don’t forget to weigh in on the latest Topic of the Week: Post your Top 10 Manga of 2012!

That’s all for this morning! Feel free to share your own weekend links in comments!

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