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Bleach, Volume 28

Bleach, Vol. 28
By Tite Kubo
Published by Viz Media

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Ichigo, Uryu, and Chad face their first foes since their arrival in Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime, but more importantly, they meet the comic relief, appearing in the form of a group of rag-tag Arrancar (considered “garbage bugs” by the higher-ranked types) seemingly led by a noisy toddler named Nel. Also joining the fight are Rukia and Renji, who arrive wearing capes provided by austere older brother Byakuya–an unusual gesture of kindness (not to mention insubordination) from him. Meanwhile, Orihime’s grim Espada guardian, Ulquiorra, explains how his apparent sympathy for Orihime (allowing her to put her affairs in order and make her secret goodbye to Ichigo) was a technique intended to break her will, which he arrogantly assumes has occurred. Orihime has other ideas, however, as she bides her time and makes plans to sabotage Aizen’s most dangerous tool.

While it’s fun to see Ichigo and Co. rallying for a fight, I’ll admit I already miss the characterization-heavy feel of the last two volumes as we head into what will obviously be a long stretch of battles ahead. It doesn’t help that Ichigo’s first serious opponent, a swaggering buffoon with devil’s horns and a thick, faux-Spanish accent (obvious even through translation) who refers to Ichigo only as “NiƱo,” is fairly grating from the start. Still, our warriors are happiest when they’re fighting and Nel’s menagerie is pretty cute, so it’s hard to complain. Orihime continues to be the most compelling character in the series, finally learning more about her own powers from Aizen of all people. I very much look forward to seeing how far her abilities extend and what they might mean for her future.

Though the initial batch of low-level opponents was easily dispatched and the first of the next batch isn’t terribly engaging, I can’t help but anticipate the group’s eventual encounter with the Espada, who are so far genuinely intriguing. Ulquiorra particularly, with his sober cruelty and harlequin-like visage, is of great interest to me. With any luck, the early battles will move swiftly to make way for more exciting enemies. Though Aizen and his top minions are more authentically “evil” than the characters our heros have fought before (most of whom have become beloved allies over time, via Kubo’s usual formula of battle with a side of tear-inducing backstory), they are certainly not dull by any means. Still, a strong concentration of Orihime is recommended to keep readers like me from wearying over the next few volumes. Let’s hope Kubo comes through!

Volume 28 of Bleach will be available on September 1, 2009. Review copy provided by the publisher.

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  1. I positively adore the term “swaggering buffoon.” I too find Ulquiorra and Orihime to be the most (only?) fascinating aspect of this arc so far and hope we get more of them.

    • I admit I’m enjoying a bit just seeing Ichigo and Uryu working together again, which felt like such a relief after Uryu’s ordeal training with his evil dad. I suppose the truth is, if I wasn’t so busy shipping Orihime/Ichigo, I’d be shipping Ichigo/Uryu. Hee. :D

      But yes, mostly it’s all about Orihime, with a bit of Ulquiorra on the side, at least for me.

      • Oh yes, I love Uryuu a lot, too. Don’t you think he’s the Wesley Wyndham-Pryce of the group?

      • Danielle Leigh says:

        Great review! (I look forward to it even if I know it begins yet another series of endless battles. Oh Bleach).

        I don’t know if you guys have figured this out yet *cough*, but I’m a hardcore “fujoshi” so yes, I totally ship Ichigo/Ishida (and I can’t think of him as Uryu, since they would never really call him by his first name, but Americanized comics like things to be “nice.” Whatever.)

        Also, I’m not entirely sold on the Wesley Wyndham-Pryce comparison but they certainly have similar daddy-issues, don’t they?

        • I’m thinking more Angel-era Wesley than Buffy-era. Ishida’s not an idiot like Wesley was then. (And yeah, I totally think of him as Ishida, too, from watching the anime, but I thought that might be confusing in this context considering what they do in the Viz manga.)

          I really like Orihime/Ichigo, mainly because I really like Orihime and I like her to have what she wants. But it’s hard not to catch the Ichigo/Ishida vibe.

          And thank you!! :D

  2. The Hueco Mundo arc is a lot of battles, but there’s some really good stuff in there. I think my favorite was against Szayel Aporro. There’s also some good stuff with Nell (and the two hollows with her provide great comic relief).


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