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Saturday Spotlight

Though maintaining a blog is all about producing new content, day after day, sometimes it’s nice to reach into the archives and revisit something a bit older. An article’s shelf life can be tragically brief in the fast-paced comics blogosphere, despite its ongoing relevance.

With that in mind, welcome to Saturday Spotlight, a new weekly feature here at Manga Bookshelf dedicated to digging up these treasures from the gloomy depths of our database and bringing them back into the light.

Before I get to this week’s spotlight, however, a bit of sad news. With the English-language manhwa market having slowed to something slightly more lethargic than a crawl, I’ve decided to fold Manhwa Bookshelf back into the main site. This is heartbreaking for me, given that my intent in creating Manhwa Bookshelf was to help establish English-translated manhwa as a distinct entity. But with too little going on to provide regular content on even a monthly basis, whatever manhwa content Hana and I are able to muster in this climate is more likely to receive the attention it deserves in a higher-traffic venue. All existing Manhwa Bookshelf posts have now been redirected here to Manga Bookshelf, and can be accessed as a category here.

That said, it should be no surprise that this week’s subject of our Saturday Spotlight comes originally from Manhwa Bookshelf, now reformatted for and reposted here at the main blog.

Back in June of last year, Manhwa Bookshelf contributor Hana Lee wrote a wonderful article, An Introduction to Korean Webcomics. With Korean publisher iSeeToon (who adapt Korean webcomics for the iPhone) emerging as the most active publisher of new manhwa series in the English-language market, it seems especially appropriate to bring Hana’s article into the spotlight once more.

So please enjoy An Introduction to Korean Webcomics!

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