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Manhwa Monday: Mid-Season Poll

Welcome to another Manhwa Monday!

It’s a slow week in the manhwa blogosphere, with only three reviews for me to pass along. First, at Good Comics for Kids, Lori Henderson reviews volume one of One Fine Day (Yen Press). At Manga Life, Charles Webb gives us a first-timer’s look at volume nine of Black God (Yen Press). Lastly, at TangognaT, Anna talks about the first four volumes of Goong (Yen Press).

With such a small bounty to share this week, it seems like a good time to check out the (nearly) equally short list of this year’s new manhwa series. Though we’ve seen quite a few new volumes of continuing series this year, new series have been scarce–just four by my count as of the end of June.

Yen Press is this year’s overachiever so far, with two (count ’em, two) new series since January began, One Fine Day and Laon. Long-absent DramaQueen returns (briefly) to life with the release of volume one of The Summit. Finally, NETCOMICS weighs in with There’s Something About Sunyool, of which there are several volumes available online, though June’s scheduled print release has yet to materialize.

So, Manhwa Monday readers… what’s your pick for best of the year so far?

[poll id=”2″]

We’ll check in with the results next week, when we’ll also take a look at this 2010’s continuing series. Until then!

Is there something I’ve missed? Leave your manhwa-related links in comments!

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  1. What is The Summit? That one completely slipped under my radar. Is it worth seeking out? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • It’s BL, so I suspect it’s probably not your thing, but I know Michelle got a copy which she’s planning to review for our upcoming BL feature, so stay tuned!

  2. I haven’t read any of them… eep. But I’ve been looking at One Fine Day covers frequently and wanting to check the series out. So maybe I should do that! Alright, next time I’m at the bookstore…!

  3. I haven’t read any of those, either. :(
    But I have really enjoyed Sarasah this year. The last volume that came out was pretty good.

    I have a copy of Time and Again vol 1 from Yen Press here, but haven’t looked at it yet. Art inside is really nice though.

    Oh, wait, I lied. I read a chapter or two of Sunyool. But I wasn’t very interested.

  4. Making me pick between Laon and One Fine Day…I hate you.


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