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MMF: Wild Adapter Roundup the First

The Wild Adapter MMF has begun, and the posts are beginning to trickle in.

Over at AnimeMiz’s Scribblings, Linda shares her impressions of the first volume, ultimately deciding to try again another day.

At Manga Curmudgeon, David Welsh dubs Wild Adapter “bathtub manga,” and lists the qualifications for that position as well as some other series (like NANA and Antique Bakery) that meet the requirements. Have bathtub manga of your own? David has provided a forum for confession.

Lissa Patillo of Kuriousity devotes the inaugural post of a brand-new feature, Cover Watch, to the first volume of Wild Adapter. It’s a nifty read, and as a fellow fan of cover-gazing, I look forward to more entries in the series!

Lastly, Melinda and I devote our monthly BL Bookrack column to a Wild Adapter roundtable, where we are joined by David Welsh. Topics include our favorite aspects of the story, how it is and isn’t like typical BL, and whether the fact that it’s unfinished should be a deterrent to checking it out (spoiler: no).

If you’d like to participate, see this post for instructions. If you haven’t got a blog of your own, let us know and we’ll post it for you. A complete archive for the Wild Adapter MMF can be found here.

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