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Manga Moveable Feast: Wild Adapter Archive

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  1. […] Wild Adapter – Hosted by Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith (Manga Bookshelf) – June 2011 Similar Posts: The Nana Project Launches § Karakuri Odette Manga Moveable Feast Begins § Mushishi Manga Moveable Feast: Final Thoughts § Shocking Sundome Is Discussed on Manga Out Loud Podcast § Manga Moveable Feast: Mushishi — About the Book […]

  2. […] latest Manga Moveable Feast, an online gathering focusing on covering one manga title or author, is Wild Adapter. Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith at Manga Bookshelf are co-hosting discussion this week, kicking […]

  3. […] I wasn’t as pleased as I thought I would be. Still even if I had my negative feelings toward it, please take the time to read through other entries that is going to be submitted. […]

  4. […] and of course we’ll be collecting links to your contributions! All links will be archived on this page. Please remember to e-mail or message one of us with links to your posts. And if you happen to be […]

  5. […] in celebration of the current Manga Moveable Feast, I thought I’d list some other titles that may achieve their fullest entertainment potential when […]

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