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Follow Friday: The MB Gang

It’s been a while since I put together a Follow Friday post, and with all the recent additions to the Manga Bookshelf family, it seems only right to make sure you all know how and where to follow this fine group of writers. You can check out our About Us page for a full list of everyone who has ever written for this network, but here’s a quick rundown of our current and recent contributors.


Our brilliant main bloggers can all be found on Twitter, and all of them have been more communicative than I have been lately. Manga Critic Katherine Dacey is the @manga_critic there as well, just as Manga Curmudgeon David Welsh is known as @MangaCur. The lovely Michelle Smith of our newest blog, Soliloquy in Blue, can be found @swanjun.


A number of our regular contributors are avid twitterers as well, including anime reviewer Cathy Yan (@twoif), manhwa maven Hana Lee (@troisroyaumes) and our newest addition to the team, Okazu‘s Erica Friedman (@Yuricon).


Furthermore, you should be following all our wonderful special guests! You can find a slew of these lovely folks on Twitter, including Eva Volin (@funnypages), Robin Brenner (@nfntrobin), Khursten Santos (@khursten), Connie C. (@simside), Ed Sizemore (@edsizemore), and Aja Romano (@ajafair).

I can, of course, be found on Twitter (@mbeasi), and you can keep up with our daily postings at the main account (@mangabookshelf).

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Melinda, you have clearly become the Kingpin, the Godfather of a a vast manga criticism empire. Kudos, especially considering that you came to the medium in the prime of your life ^^.
    Also “thanks very much” for inviting all my favourite manga bloggers to your collective – this has become a sweet one-stop shop! Now if you could drag in Brigid Alverson and her Manga Blog my bliss would be complete ^^

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