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Follow Friday – a little late

Yesterday was Follow Friday, according to my feature schedule, but I admit I had a hard time mustering the will for such a frivolous post in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan.

Today, though, I’ve got some recommendations to share that many may find helpful. Here are a few Twitter accounts I’ve found valuable for keeping up on news from Japan.

@YokosoNews, usually devoted to lifestyle and entertainment news, has focused its efforts on relaying news about the catastrophe from the Japanese media to English-speaking readers. Check out their USTREAM for ongoing translation of news broadcasts from the NHK.

@MariKurisato, a regular favorite on my follow list, has been tweeting available news from all the reliable sources she can find pretty continuously over the couple of days

@tokyograph is another source for current news (thanks to Kimberly Saunders @ShroudedDancer for the link).

I’ve also been following tweets from @mangauniversity, @tokyoreporter, and @globalvoices.

So far, I’ve been grateful to hear that all those I personally know in Japan are all safe. I hope the same for all of you.

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  1. Sending off messages asking if Japanese friends were all right yesterday and getting responses today really made me realize just how big of a disaster it was. No one I know was injured, but nearly everyone has been affected in some way.

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