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PotW: Rin-Ne, Rasetsu, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

Check out the week’s Picks from the Manga Bookshelf bloggers and special guest Michelle Smith!

From Kate: I’d be the first to admit that Rin-ne has been a hit-or-miss affair. Writing about the second volume, for example, I called it “an unmitigated disaster, filled with clunky exposition, lame adventures, and embarrassingly transparent voice-overs of a ‘Oh, so that’s why no one can see him — he’s wearing the robe that makes him invisible!’ nature.” Yet the first and third volumes were totally charming, filled with inspired comic bits and classic Takahashian characters; anyone who liked Lum: Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, or InuYasha would find the prickly collaboration between Rinne and Sakura as pleasantly comforting as a bowl of mac and cheese. I’m in the mood for manga mac and cheese this week, so I’m picking volume five of Rin-ne and hoping it’s as solid as volumes one and three.

From Michelle: This week’s pickings include new volumes of several series that I am determined to read in the near future even though I’m woefully far behind. Though I’ll definitely be picking up Arata: The Legend and Rasetsu, it’s the fifth volume of Dogs: Bullets & Carnage I am most determined to acquire. I simply must read this series soon—I’ve been borrowing the early volumes from a friend for far too long!—and slick sci-fi adventure set in a dark future seems awfully appealing right about now.

From Melinda: My pick this week is decidedly volume eight of Rasetsu, a supernatural romance series I’ve been enjoying much, much more than I ever expected. In volume seven, things heated up quite a bit in the romance department. This continues in volume eight, but with the stakes rising and a big surprise in store for Rasetsu regarding her personal doom, it’s clear we’re ramping up for a supernatural showdown in the series’ final volume. I’ve been genuinely surprised by how fresh this series manages to feel, especially after its fairly slow start. I wouldn’t miss its penultimate volume for the world. It’s great shoujo fun.

From David: I’m going to second Kate’s choice of Rin-ne for essentially the same reasons — it’s nice to be able to pick up a volume and immerse yourself in Takahashi’s very familiar sensibility. You know there will be endearing characters, good-natured comedy, and a bit of supernatural adventure. As Greg (Read About Comics) McElhatton said in his review, “Even Takahashi on autopilot isn’t bad.” As a bonus, it’s nice to be able to recommend a series where readers can sample so much of it for free. Widgets

Readers, what are your Picks this week?

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  1. My pick of the week is definitely the fifth volume of Yuu Watase’s Arata: The Legend. It is one of my favorite shounen series. I wasn’t that fascinated with it at first but it grew on me more and more after reading volume 3 and 4. Great cast of characters, interesting story and gorgeous artwork as expected of Watase-sensei. It is actually one of her bests besides Ayashi no Ceres and Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden.

  2. I’m hoping to get my hands on Rasetsu 8 this week and I definitely share Melinda’s enthusiasm. It’s definitely my pick too, except that it has to share the spot with another new volume that’s also somewhere on the way to my distant corner of the world, Demon Sacred 4. It’ll be a week of shoujo goodness. Assuming the books get delivered before friday.

  3. Definitely agree with Melinda’s pick of Rasetsu Vol. 8. It’s fantastic, and I can’t wait to read the conclusion in the next volume. I also can’t wait to read Arata Vol. 5.


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