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New NANA Project, Vols. 17-18

This entry will be brief as I’m convalescing with the flu, but here’s a quick link to the latest installment of The NANA Project, in which Danielle Leigh, Michelle Smith, and I discuss volumes 17 and 18 of Ai Yazawa’s NANA.

From Danielle’s introduction, “This month, Melinda, Michelle and I return to discuss volumes 17 and 18 of NANA. Michelle decides she likes Miu, Danielle has a Yasu-epiphany, and Melinda takes on Takumi and Reira‚Äôs dysfunctional relationship.”

Between this month’s Let’s Get Visual and the Project, I’ve had NANA on the brain lately, and so should you!

Come join us in comments to dish about Misato’s past, Shin’s arrest, and volume 18’s Takumi side-story!

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