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3 Things Thursday: Valentine’s Dream

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a shoujo manga fan’s mind tends to wander toward an image of a thousand shy (but optimistic!) Japanese schoolgirls presenting handmade chocolate to the boys of their dreams.

This week, I got to thinking… what dreamy manga boys would I have given my chocolate to, had I been a Japanese schoolgirl?

Behold today’s 3 Things!

3 manga Dream Boys for teen Melinda:

1. Shinichi Chiaki | Nodame Cantabile | Tomoko Ninomiya | Del Rey Manga – Yes, yes, he’s stubborn, arrogant, and completely unable to express his feelings through any means other than music. But damn, with that beautiful talent and unstoppable confidence, I would have fallen for him in a heartbeat. You know. In high school. Or college. Not like I sit around dreaming about fictional musicians now or anything. Because that would be totally insane.


2. Shizuka Doumeki | xxxHolic | CLAMP | Del Rey Manga – So, would I want a guy who’d give up most of his blood and half an eye for me, while quietly putting up with my clumsy emotions and constant flailing? Yes. Yes, I really would. Okay, I hate to cook, so it’s not exactly a match made in heaven, but a girl can dream. Though in real life, I’ve prefered the clumsy, flailing type (opposites attract, my ass), there’s a daydreaming teen still hidden away somewhere, admiring the tall, quiet guy who’s kinder than he looks.

Do you think he’d eat my store-bought chocolate?

3. Nobuo Terashima | NANA | Ai Yazawa | Viz Media – Given how strongly I identify with one of this series’ protagonists, Nana Komatsu, it should come as no surprise that, out of all the dream boys here on this page, it’s Nobu who most strongly resembles the kind of guy I’ve typically gone for in my non-fictional life. Short and a bit geeky, with his heart on his sleeve, Nobu is the very picture of my perfect dream boy, in manga or anywhere else. Though he lacks the obvious confidence of either Chiaki or Doumeki, he’s definitely a gem in my book.

Bet he’d eat that chocolate, too.

And what of my beloved Eiji Okamura, you ask? My bullet-proof character type if there ever was one? He’s upset not to be included, too. Should I have made it Four Things Friday?

Poor Eiji. *snif*

So, readers, who are three of your manga dream boys? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. judi(togainunochi) says:

    Ah, Chiaki is my dream man. I have a thing for the uber-talented. The kiss in the garden in France is one of my all time favorite scenes.
    Doumeki is a nice choice, but I would choose Shin over Nobu.
    My choice would be George from Paradise Kiss. He’s a bad boy, but another talented one. Sometimes that’s okay. <3
    I could go on, but it's threes after all. :D

    • Gaaaah, I couldn’t go for George. I mean, I’d think he was *hot* and all, but he’s not comfortable enough for my insecure little heart. Even Chiaki is more emotionally responsible. Hee.

      • judi(togainunochi) says:

        I go for the aloof ones. I like a challenge. Another other choice Rin from Skip Beat, oh la la, I would really like to …..oops shouldn’t go there. :D

        • I typically don’t, though a toyed with the aloof types a little in high school (you know, in my MIND, because they totally did not even know I was THERE), which is how both Chiaki and Doumeki manage to make it on this list. Ultimately, though? I’m much more comfortable with Nobu. :D

  2. I love Chiaki!
    But I would like my valentine to be Kyoya Ohtori from Ouran High School Host Club. Or Soshi from Absolute Boyfriend (Soshi, I’d treat you SO much better than Riiko). Or Sebastian from Black Butler (but only if he promises to wear glasses).
    There are others I’m gaga for (most of them wear glasses, of course), but those are the three that came to me first. I would definitely shyly approach my beloved Kyoyo and give him some delicious chocolate. Which he would probably stick his nose up at when he got home. Oh well.

  3. This is actually something I have never really pondered. The one who comes to mind for current me is Hatori Sohma, whom I love and who desperately needs a hug. For teen me, though, I don’t know. I tended to like slightly quirky, funny guys at that time, so it would need to be a clever underachiever sort of guy. Dear god, could it be Morita from Honey and Clover?!

    • Danielle Leigh says:

      *shudders* Oh god, but I want to beat the crap out of Morita everytime he appears in the manga / anime. If I had to go for a H&C guy it would probably be Yuta Takemoto (not too bright, but sweet and kind…to steal a phrase from The Magnetic Fields).

    • Hmmmm, out of the Sohma boys, who would I choose? Possibly Momiji. :D You know, on the grown-up side.

      • There are several of them I really adore, actually. It’s bizarre to think that, really, Hatori is too young for me. :)

      • Grown up Momiji is quite handsome.
        I would probably go for…Shigure. So sexy when he puts those glasses on. His personality is super warped, but I adore him. Of course, he would totally ignore me because he’s so hung up on Akito. …. Momiji’s the only one who isn’t hung up on someone. Well, he is, but he can’t have her. Plus, he would LOVE home made chocolate.

  4. Izark from From Far Away. Dark, mysterious, super-handsome, but once you win him over, he’s caring and will protect you (not possess you!) What more could want from a man? Other than the fact that he’s shy and isn’t all-smiles and jokes, he would be perfect.
    …Now that I think about he, he’s a little bit like my boyfriend…Weird!

    Miharu Koguma from Stolen Hearts is also pretty cool. Again, quiet and also a little scary at first, but totally lovable and sweet when you get to know him.

    And I really can’t think of a third definite answer. I used to really love Hotohori from Fushigi Yugi because he was so pretty and romantic. I don’t think I’d go for him now.

  5. David Welsh says:

    Don’t judge me, but…

    Jumbo from Yotsuba&!.

    Chad from Bleach.

    Major Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist.

    Also, most of the characters created by est em, excluding the weedy rockers.

  6. Danielle Leigh says:

    Though in real life, I’ve prefered the clumsy, flailing type (opposites attract, my ass)

    Hee! But you’ve just described why Doumeki and Watanuki are so perfect for each other! ;-)

    I’m fond of Ryuki from Story of Saiunkoku (he’s pretty and kind of weird…I like that. Also he’s the king.) I’m fond of Tamaki from Host Club (once again, weird and pretty. I must have a type…and he’s a kind of “king,” hmmmmm), and finally Kyo from Fruits Basket (he’s adorably clueless and he and Tohru were one of my favorite couples of all time). Okay, I kind of adore Yako from Rasetsu and Yurara (snarky and cute!)

    I could probably name another ten but I’ll stop. Now I want to go read shojo manga for hours and hours.

  7. Definitely both Izumi from Hanakimi! I always love the high jumpers in manga. But I’d probably give chocolates to the entire cast of Hanakimi.

    And all the boys at Greenwood, of course. :D

    • Oops. The “both” wasn’t supposed to be there.

    • Aw, I can’t believe I still haven’t read these! I am such a shoujo loser!

      • I got really frustrated with Hana-Kimi towards the end and, after finishing it, divested myself of it. Now I wish I hadn’t done that. I still need to read Here is Greenwood. I’ve seen the OVA, at least!

      • Here is Greenwood is the first manga series I ever owned from first to last volume! It has a really special spot in my heart. It’s not OMG BEST or anything, but it created a lot of the tropes we see now, especially in bl manga about all boys schools? And it created one of those classic “dorm head / student body president together use their powers for good and evil” duos that’s lasted the medium forever. The proto-Seiho Boys School, if you like!

        I agree with Michelle that towards the end Hanakimi started really letting me down, but a while ago I went back to reread the series, and I realized if nothing else, I still love all the characters in the story. It’s how I feel about Tramps Like Us, actually, but now I”m just rambling. :D

        • Greenwood is one of those manga that is always on my list, but never quite makes it to the top. I need to fix that!

        • I just discovered Greenwood maybe a year ago or so as I began to actively seek out some of the oldish-shoujo I’d overlooked back in the day. You’re right about it establishing a ton of genre tropes! And since I’ve been reading/collecting it alongside Seiho, those parallels are really amusing me too. Even without being a really amazing or outstanding series, reading it reminds me how much I love shoujo manga :D (and it makes me wish there were more 80s-90s shoujo in translation…)

          • it makes me wish there were more 80s-90s shoujo in translation…


          • Do get the full set of Cipher, as long as you can still find it. That is a BLAST of fun 80s shoujo.

            • I’ve already got it! (so I’ll second the recommendation to anyone else looking for 80s shoujo who has yet to pick it up :D) I wish I’d been more on the lookout back when CMX was still publishing all those awesome old series. They deserve so much love!!

              • I wish I’d been more on the lookout back when CMX was still publishing all those awesome old series.

                You and me both.

        • Ahh, Here is Greenwood is the first shoujo manga I ever bought~~ I think the very first volume of manga I ever bought was a random late 20’s tankoubon of Ranma 1/2, but after that I had a friend who was taking a trip to San Francisco, and I gave him money to get me vols 1-4 of Here is Greenwood, so it is the first series I actively tried to collect, too :D I love it ^^

  8. my faves are:
    Musashi, the stoic, macho and kind of wise kicker from Eyeshield 21.
    Tohru Sahara, the super-sexy photographer from Suppli – hawt!
    Teo, the younger chef from Ristorante Paradiso / Gente

    What does that say about my taste? I like older guys (well, older than high school) and I like ’em manly, smart, can-do kind of types — and man, with so many wusses in manga, that is *so* not a given. ;-)

  9. Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena

    Rei Hasekura from Maria-sama ga Miteru

    & Maggie Mui from read or Dream

    — I like the tomboys. :)

  10. In real life, I like skinny nerds. In manga, I like pretty, doe-eyed skinny nerds, +1 if they’re shy and uke. So I’ll put in a bid for Shiro from Love Pistols and Himi from Ze, who jointly pretty much define the archetype of the smokin’ hot shy skinny nerd uke of my dreams. Mmmm. For representation on the het side, Momo from Tramps Like Us can have the #3 spot.

    • For whatever reason, my nerds don’t have to be skinny (in fact, I definitely have a thing for stocky nerds) but they generally fare better if they’re short. Whatever that means. In manga, everyone’s skinny, so there isn’t much choice! :D

    • Danielle Leigh says:

      Oh my god, you just reminded me that I love Shoui from Ze! Oh gosh, I totally blanked on this. He’s one of my favorite characters from any yaoi ever.

      I’m also fond quite fond of Shiro as well.

  11. My dreamboat three if I was in high school (in fact, this might be appropriate but I did start getting into manga in high school and I love them a lot)

    1.) Aoshi Shinomori (Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X) – cool hot guy with brooding angst. Ugh. Can’t resist. Add the battle scars and I’ll be nomming him forever.
    2.) Shigure Sohma (Fruits Basket) – I… love this mildly perverted old man, okay. He has an air of fun and yet mystery around him. ALSO, I WANT THOSE EROTIC NOVELS IN MY LIFE.
    3.) Asapin~ (Kare Kano) – My heart just loves him dearly. The best friend who never got any deserved ME as his girl. :> Well that’s what high school self always thought.

    If I had read Nodame back then, I would have loved Chiaki. I think if I were to think of my top three now it would take 1.) Chiaki-sama 2.) Yamato from Sukitte Ii na Yo 3.) Yoh from High School Debut (Koukou debut) :> Most awesome boyfriends ever.

    • So, I totally love that I received this response like two seconds after Danielle’s, “Anyone but Shigure!” :D

      Also, I haven’t yet read Kare Kano (I know, I know), but since I always love the best friend who doesn’t get any, I approve of your choice in advance!

      • Danielle Leigh says:

        I should acknowledge I have a love / hate thing with Shigure. I find him both attractive and repulsive. This does not speak well of me.

      • Why not Shigure~!? ;A; He’s nice and fun, a little perverted, but still a generally caring guy… I think. I didn’t read enough of Shigure (didn’t finish the series when they brought in Akito. :T Or… THAT GIRL… I forget her name… It might be Akito) so my impression of him will always be the lazy sexy novelist.

        Lol. It’s okay. Kare Kano was my first manga. It comes with ups and major downs but I finished it with a satisfied sigh.

        You know, speaking of lazy sexy, I’d have another one, but then I realized that it doesn’t exactly fit dreamboat because he’s hardly dreamy for most girls, but he’s really dreamy for me. Actually, I’d marry him, like the rest of Japan has voted him as the character they’d like to marry 3 years in a row: Sakata Gintoki from Gintama. :>

        • Gin-chan?! 3 years in a row? The women of Japan are doomed XD And so am I since I would seriously consider Hijikata ^^ If he could quit the smoking…and cut back on the mayo…and be more successful in avoiding Sougo’s assassination attempts…

        • By THAT GIRL do you mean Machi? The one in the student council?

  12. Okita Soji, from Kaze Hikaru would have set my heart aflutter at fifteen: he’s handsome, smart, and athletic. Better still, he likes his women capable, too; no trembling wallflowers need apply. And I admit I have a special fondness for the men of InuYasha, especially Sesshomaru and Miroku.

  13. Characters I’ve got a little bit of a crush on, eh?

    Hikaru Shindo, Hikaru no Go (Sai just looks too much like a girl to me, though even Hikaru at the end of the series might be a tad too young for me)

    Eiji Okamura, Banana Fish (I more have the crush on Ash, like majorly so since I find brains to be incredibly sexy and he is my favorite character ever, but Eiji would appreciate the gift more)

    Lion-san, Twin Spica (I think he’s gotten over her….but he’s such an awesome ghost!)

    I had plenty of other potentials too, like every not-gay Fumi Yoshinaga guy (they’re all just adorable! I can’t pick just one!), Yusaku Godai (but he has his perfect woman), and Daigo Asahina (but he’s practically married to his job)

    • Oh, I love that you’ve picked out Lion-san! *heart*

      • If I were to make it in a shape for him, I’d make it a harmonica ;)

        Oh and I think I’ve picked out my Fumi Yoshinaga guy if I could only give chocolates to one: Arikoto Madenokoji from Ooku, based on the first 5 volumes, I think he’s the coolest character in that series, I just <3 him too!

  14. I have a bizarre weakness for boring, dependable, responsible guys. So Takemoto from Honey and Clover is my dreamboat!

    On a purely superficial level I love Shin from Nana. I know he’s jailbait, but I’m [thankfully] more attracted to his grown-up self. I just wanna give his younger self a hug. I like the fact that he seems to have gone through a lot as a kid and came out of it as a strong adult.

    For my third I think I’d choose Xxxholic’s Watanuki. He’s just so flaily and dorky. I like that in a man as well!

    • Awww, Takemoto’s a sweetie!! I was cheering him on the whole time as I watched H&C (I’m still making my way through the manga now). I think he’d make a great valentine :D

  15. I will appreciate Kate’s choice of Okita Souji! I’m thinking he’s be one of my picks too. He’s got a sweet tooth (at least, the Kaze Hikaru incarnation of the character does), so I imagine he’d be quite pleased to receive chocolates. Of course, he would completely fail to understand the significance of receiving them, but hey.

    For some reason I tend to go for the silly-and-dramatic manga guys, and Maki Sugimoto from I Hate You More Than Anyone (and VB Rose) is my favourite :D He’s cheerful and lovable and cute! I really admire his devotion to Kazuha. I like Ouran’s Tamaki and Oyayubihime Infinity’s Tsubame for similar reasons.

    My third pick is Takeshi from Me & My Brothers. The youngest-but-tallest brother with a goatee, who rarely speaks but shows his cute side in tending to flowers and plants. Unlike most “silent types” I think of who can be gruff, antisocial or even violent, he seems like a happy and kind person, just a little shy. And as a plant-geek myself, I think it’d be lovely to plant a garden with him :D

    Now I want to join Danielle and read shoujo for hours! I think I’ll start with Nodame Cantabile, since it’s been years and I don’t think I was able to appreciate it properly the first time around.

  16. 1. Shinogu Narita from Hot Gimmick
    One of my favorite manga male characters. I fell in love with his character since I first read Hot Gimmick and re-reading the series made me fall in love all over again. You don’t find someone mature (despite his young age), caring and handsome. I just love how he stayed true to his feelings for the one he loves throughout the whole series. He didn’t even consider looking at someone else, though he had many opportunities given how popular he was with the girls. I know it’s not easy to find such a person but I sure would love to be with someone like him. Nothing beats the feel of security and love you will get from the partner. Too bad some girls tend to fall in love with jerks and I’m sure everyone who read the manga will know what I’m talking about.

    2. Ren Tsuruga from Skip Beat!
    I love how stoic, serious and loving he is. Not to forget how sexy too! Again, I tend to fall in love with such characters. It is so obvious his deep feelings for the girl he loves but he is also not rushing things and waiting for the right time to make his feelings clear.

    3. Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin
    Another all-time love. He is handsome, strong and has a big heart. Any man who has all three is a win. I definitely would love to have such a man for myself.

    • Out of all the guys in Hot Gimmick, I’m glad that’s the one you chose! :D

      • Actually, Shinogu was the only guy I liked in Hot Gimmick. I didn’t mind Azusa but Shinogu has always been the one I was rooting for. Lyoki was the worst, IMO. Too bad the mangaka had other ideas. After reading many shoujo series, he still has a spot in my top favorite characters. I actually don’t get attached to a character easily, so that should say something, right?

  17. I’ve read a fair bit of shoujo manga in my time but now that I think about it I hardly ever fancy any characters O_O There are many characters I like and whom I think are a wonderful love interest for the girl but I don’t personally find them attractive…I guess 2D just doesn’t do it for me ^^; There are a few anime characters I like and would love to meet if they existed in reality (no.1 is Conrad from KKM – perfect husband material!) but still they number very few.

    Back to manga, straining my memory I recall that I had a bit of a thing for Lantis from Magic Knight Rayearth back in the day but then again that was the first CLAMP I’d ever read and my swooning could have been for the beautiful artwork – they really draw some gorgeous men.

    Reading through the comments above my emotionally bereft heart is indifferent to every guy mentioned except for Nomiya from H&C who stirs a mild frisson. Other than that, nothing. Not a single guy comes to mind >____>

    • Er, half of my comment didn’t post so here’s the rest because I’m sure the internet is dying to know what I have to say:

      Since shoujo has failed me I’ll resort to shounen manga which does furnish a few definite fancies: Ryo Saeba from City Hunter, Takahashi Ryousuke from Initial D and Sendoh from Slam Dunk ^^ And then it’s back to zero. My real life pickiness is magnified ten-fold in manga >___>

      • Oh, there’s no reason the Dream Boys have to come from shoujo! Mine pretty much didn’t! The only reason I mentioned shoujo manga, is because that’s where most of the chocolate-giving happens, but even then, it’s not exclusively so.

    • Oh yeah, Lantis is kind of dreamy. Speaking of CLAMP boys, I almost said Suoh Takamura, but since he’s a fifth grader in the series in which he stars, that would probably be creepy. He is an adult in X, but he’s only there briefly.

  18. I like the bad boys…

    1. Shigure from Fruits Basket. If I ever could choose a manga character to date, it would be him. Nothing would ever come out of it but he’d never fail to show a girl good time. I love smart, funny, confident guys who aren’t always nice.

    2. Kyoya from Ouran. For many of the same reasons as Shigure. If I was a student at Ouran I’d be admiring him from a distance…

    My third pick is a bit different but no less deserving wonderful chocolates.

    3. Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Smart, big, strong, willing to do anything for his important people. Though I must note again that he isn’t particularly nice either.

    Nice boys bore me, even more now than as a teen. :D

    • Ah, you and Khursten can bond over Shigure. :D

      I’ve always liked nice guys, I admit. The bad boys have rarely done much for me. Occasionally, but rarely.

      • Reading the comments here has reminded me of so many more boys I could poison with my attempts at chocolate. Can I add a dozen more to my list? I might even have some room for nice boys.

        I’m looking forward to the white day post.

  19. 1. Kyo (Fruits Basket) : It took me a long time to warm up to him, but by the end of the manga I wondered how Yuki was ever my favorite — I absolutely adore Kyo. The best tsundere guy.

    2. Kurogane (Tsubasa ~reservior chronicle~) : Another tsundere guy? I didn’t even know this about myself until I was writing this up but apparently tsundere guys appeal to me a lot more than their female counterparts ever have. But he’s totally reliable, selfless, badass, and caring — it doesn’t get much better than that.

    3. Leo (Beast Master) : This guy won me over in the way that females (fictional and real) frequently have, but no guy ever had before — a little cluelessness/ditziness + a LOT of adorableness. And it doesn’t hurt that he could tear the face off anyone who threatens him or someone he loves. I always love some bloodlust in my man-crushes.

    I was going to flip the script and list females before I saw you were doing a white-day post, but this was easier than I expected :D

  20. Gah, it’s so hard to only pick three! But I’ll try…

    1. Helios from Sailor Moon — I’ve had a thing for him for at least ten, maybe even closer to fifteen years. He’s my eternal manga/anime crush.

    2. Shigure from Fruits Basket – I’m joining Khursten and Rij in the Shigure Fanclub. I love Hatori, Kyo, and Haru, too, but at the end of the day, Shigure is my number one pick from the series. He’s just so sexy and hilarious! (And I never did find him that evil… A little dishonest and manipulative, sure, but calling him evil is a bit much.)

    3. Yasu from NANA – Based on looks alone, I prefer Takumi, and I usually don’t find bald guys attractive — I’m definitely a hair girl — but Yasu somehow manages to ooze “sexy” anyway. I love his intelligence and his kindness, and he’s just a cool guy, period.

    Runners-up are super-hot Tooya from Ceres: Celestial Legend and the adorkable Matsuda from Death Note.

  21. So hard to narrow it down to just 3! If there is a ‘type’ I like in anime/manga, it’s the surly ones. The tsundere guys ^^;; Or the strong, silent, misunderstood type. I like so many manga/anime guys (I actually used to have a website called the Anime Men Hunk-O-Meter, where I assigned heart-rating ranks to a hundred anime guys, it’s embarrassing… *ahem*) that limiting myself to 3 is difficult… but I guess I’ll go with—-

    Sagara Sousuke – Full Metal Panic
    Komiyama Yoh – High School Debut
    Kyon – Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    Honorable Mentions – Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke, everyone in Ristorante Paradiso

    (But I also adore Doumeki, Kurogane, Doumyouji from HYD though he is an asshat most of the time ^^; and even Giroro from Sgt. Frog – hey, don’t judge!)

  22. Manga girls I would like to recive chocletes from

    number one with a bullet would be Yui Hirasawa from K-on!
    number two Rei Ayanami from Eva
    number three Revy from Black Lagoon
    number four Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!
    and number five Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

  23. Oooh, what fun (late to the party, as usual). …but….. only three? Is that even possible? ;-)

    1. Mukuro Rukudo (Katekyō Hitman Reborn).
    Yes, it’s true- I like them violent, screwed up, and in a perfect world, incapacitated, xd.
    Slightly more seriously though, in addition to that irresistible combination of being somehow both a perfect top and a perfect bottom at the same time, I also love Mukuro for his devotion and outsized sense of loyalty and responsibility. And he’s cute. And smart. And arrogant (so we’d make a nice match, lol). And as a bonus for this game, he’s even still in high school through part of the series- the only pick I could manage that with.

    2. Shigure Sohma.
    I’m gonna go with all the Shigure-lovers above. Yeah, he’s an emotionally-distancing, manipulative perv. But you know, nobody’s perfect, xd. He too has got the devotion thing I guess I must love. And man, he’s got it in spades; he’s loved one person for pretty much his whole life and waited patiently for years and years until he could manage to finally rearrange his story’s entire universe to get her. And he’s smart and arrogant (apparently traits I can’t do without). And funny. And not hard on the eyes. And I have a thing for authors. (And he’s cute when he transforms too, though they pretty much all are).

    3. Kio Kaidou (Loveless)
    Whoa- I somehow picked a nice person. Will wonders never cease? But what can I say- he’s not my type, but he’s just too perfect to pass up. Beautiful, funny, creative, smart, sincerely kind but not a pushover or a pollyanna. Able to love someone complicated without getting all codepedent or messed-up about it himself. And man, that tat….. mmmmmmm.

    So there’s my three. But I just have to mention what gigantic trouble I’d be in if I lived in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. There’s barely any characters in that series I *wouldn’t* send chocolate to.

    Okay, okay, there are some pretty hideous people in that story too, so I guess there really are more than a few I’d leave out of my giant chocolate rainstorm, but my point is this: Maes Hughes, Lin/Greed, Jean Havoc, Scar, Izumi Curtis, Olivier Armstrong…. sigh. I’m madly in love with all of them. I even have a little crush on Ed and Al’s dad (despite him not doing anything for me at all as far as looks go).

    And I haven’t started on two of my favorites yet: Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye. My thoughts about the two of them aren’t fit for a G-rated website, so for now I’ll just say I respect them both very much and want to buy them ice cream. ……..and preferably give it to both of them at the same time.

    • You may be late to the party, but you totally brought it with your festival of FMA lovin’! :D

      Also, I need to read Loveless. Yun Kouga has a pretty good track record with me, and I can’t believe I still have never picked that up.

      I don’t usually go for the violent types, but there are a *few*… I should make a post just about that sometime.

      • Yeah, Loveless is excellent (but not light reading).

        And if you make your smexy violent dude post, be sure to invite me to that party too. Yuuuuuum.
        Although, I went through the (sadly vast) list in my head for the chocolate post and I’m happy to say none of them except Mukuro seemed worth keeping around- hot sure, but they’d all be just a giant hassle after the first couple hours or so, lol.

  24. “I’m loving it too. :) I wish more men were comfortable participating and actually choosing males.” – No problem.

    No way, Nobuo. Shin and Yasu get all the chocolate. I doubt either of them would eat any of it though, they’d just pass it on to someone else and say something like, ‘Here, you’ll appreciate this more than me.’ And then Nana K. says, ‘Wat?! Didn’t someone give this to you??’ Shin would dip his head and close his eyes with an unreadable grin and respond, ‘Yeah, but accepting it is all a fan really wants from me.’ Yasu would just shrug and say, ‘I don’t really like chocolate,’ as he lights up a smoke and turns away.

    Nobou would start chomping it down right there and try to kiss you with his chocolatey mouth. He’d feel hurt that you don’t want to kiss a mouth full of chocolate slop though and then go off to mope somewhere until Shin or Yasu came along to tell him to quit being so self-centered.

    Also Mori from Ouran. Bunny could steal the chocolate right out of his mouth and he wouldn’t protest though. If he didn’t just give it to Bunny outright. I’d give him something bland and traditional like rice balls instead of chocolate and I think he’d be really touched by that.

    • Poor Nobu! :D

      Thank you for participating, though, even if you’ve left poor Nobu out in the cold. ;)

    • “Also Mori from Ouran. Bunny could steal the chocolate right out of his mouth and he wouldn’t protest though. If he didn’t just give it to Bunny outright. I’d give him something bland and traditional like rice balls instead of chocolate and I think he’d be really touched by that.”

      That’s why you should give the chocolate to Kyoya since nobody would dare to take it away from him. He’d accept it graciously and smile at you, then he’d go home and give the chocolate to the servants or something…

      Tamaki might be the only guy from Ouran who’d really appreciate the chocolate in the way it was meant.

      • Kyoya’s pretty evil, I think he’d give the chocolate back or drop it on the floor and walk away unless you were a guest.

        I would give…..some chocolate Pocky or Yan-Yan to Tamaki. He’d love that. I actually like Tamaki the best of all of them, but I wouldn’t want to get in the way of him and Haruhi.

  25. Okay, since he is my most recent shoujo crush – I’d love the supportive Kazehaya of Kimi ni Todoke. Just an all around nice guy, who actually can see sides of the not-so-popular girl and fall in love with her not for her strange qualities and the unusual factor, but for the earnest wish to make connections and her honesty.

    While we’re talking about that manga, the way quiet and steady Ryu has loved Chizuru for years in the face of her clearly stated love for his older brother – the way he tries to support her without crowding her from afar when she is confronted by fact that her flame has brought home a fiancee. He’s there to rail at, there to lend her a shoulder when she cries, there to get his brother to give her an opportunity to actually state her emotions for once so she can move on. I think I personally would appreciate a Ryu in my life even more than a Kazehaya.

    Hmmm, can’t come up with a third candidate right away, though.

    • Reading through some other comments – third choice, Momiji Sohma. He deserves someone who puts him first (wonder if I could manage it) and is steady enough to not bow under unbearable pressure (having to disavow his mother, his sister, not being the focus of Tohru’s love – losing his juunishi powers but NOT having anyone – not even his family as in the case of the Kagura). He – even more than Tohru – is like the kind and stupid traveller, giving of himself to the end. Really, truly deserves companionship just for him. You know – I think I couldn’t handle being what he needs, but he really is a dream guy for the right girl.

      • Yay Momiji! I agree, he’s definitely a dream guy who deserves a dream girl.

        • I love Momiji too. He’s waaaaay too young for me, but he’s the best of the Sohmas, and I was very sad he didn’t end up with anyone at the end. I kind of wonder why too…. especially since I always suspected he was the character who most closely represented the mangaka’s actual beliefs about life.

  26. Despite the numbering, there is no particular order – I’d take any of ’em if they were real. ;)

    1. Kyoya (Ouran High School Host Club) – I want to give him a hug. And you know with a guy like him you’d never have money problems. Also, my manga guy “type” tends to have glasses and a slight evil streak. Kyoya’s evil streak is one I think I could deal with.

    2. Hans (Emma) – I wanted Hans and Emma to end up together SO BAD. Failing that, I wanted Hans to be real so he could be mine. Heh. Of course, if he were real, I would probably be a nervous wreak, unable to read him (I suck at reading people) and convinced that his silence meant I’d done something to upset him. I’d like to think he’d read me well enough to know when I need a bit of reassurance. Oh, I love Hans.

    3. Kureno, Hatori, and Shigure (Fruits Basket) – I can’t choose just one from this series! I haven’t finished it yet, even though I own all the volumes, because it hurts too much thinking that it’ll all be over when I read the last volume. Anyway, I love Kureno because he’s so cute – I love how shocked he was at the idea that a girl would want to talk to him so much that she’d flat out run after him. I love Hatori because he’s wounded but not a bastard about it. I both love Shigure and hate him.

    4. Yoh (High School Debut) – He’s the kind of guy I would have fallen hard for in high school, and then I’d have been completely unable to speak to him.

    5. Kakashi or Iruka (Naruto) – Is it okay to name some shonen manga guys, too? If these were real guys, I’d be more likely to go for Iruka – Kakashi’s hotness and slight mystery would make me incapable of approaching him. Kakashi’s the more awesome fighter (at least up to the point where I stopped in the manga – so many volumes…!), but Iruka would actually be around (plus, I have a soft spot for him for being all parental with Naruto).

    I could name so very many more manga guys who I think are hot, but, actually, most of them aren’t the sort where I find myself thinking, “I would so marry him if he were real!” I am attracted to way too many really screwed up manga guys.

  27. Oh nice.. Hmmm.. late response.. but here are my three guys… Umibozu from City Hunter, Obotchanman from Dr. Slump, and Hijikata from Gintama.. ^_^


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